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10 Strange Uses For Vodka You Didn’t Know About

Vodka, traditionally enjoyed in Eastern Europe, is a distilled spirit made up of mostly water and ethanol. It’s made by distilling fermented substances like grains or potatoes and is used in a variety of popular cocktails such as White Russians, Vodka Martinis and Cosmopolitans…for the ladies. Or for you. Maybe you like Cosmos. I don’t know. But nevertheless, there are tons of vodka-based cocktails enjoyed by many around the world.

Here at of Iron & Oak, we’re not too keen on vodka as we’re bigger whiskey drinkers. I don’t think I’ve personally purchased a bottle of vodka since I was a junior in college, and it wasn’t even for me. These days, I typically only enjoy vodka on Sunday mornings in my Bloody Mary’s. There’s usually a thick slab of bacon, half a bottle of hot sauce and tons of ground pepper mixed in with some tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce. It’s pretty delicious and gets me going in the morning, but other than that, I can’t say vodka is my favorite spirit. You may enjoy the stuff though and, therefore, may be more likely to have it lying around.

For those who are like me and aren’t too big on vodka, or for those who just enjoy strange lists, I came across an article on The Daily Green this morning about vodka and had to repost it for our readers. Apparently, vodka is much more useful than I thought. Here are ten strange uses for vodka you didn’t know about. 


Fortunately, I’ve never had a cavity or a toothache in my life. So, I can’t really relate to this one. However, The Daily Green claims that swishing a shot of vodka over your toothache can help disinfect and numb some of the pain in your gums.

Realistically, drink enough of it in the first place and I’m sure you’ll forget about most of the pain anyway. Nevertheless, give this a shot next time you get a toothache. Let me know how it goes.



It blows my mind that I’ve been hearing people talking about how urine can soothe jellyfish stings when vodka has apparently worked all along.

According to The Daily Green, vodka can disinfect and alleviate some of the pain from a jellyfish sting. So, next time someone you know gets stung by a jellyfish at your next beach outing, don’t try to pee on him or her. Run to the liquor store and get some vodka. Pick up some whiskey while you’re there.

It’s worth noting that there are many types of jellyfish and that their stings may yeild different levels of severity. If it’s really bad, go to the hospital.


Nobody likes hot, muggy summer days. Part of this is because of the heat. The other part is because of the bugs. And, let’s face it, a lot of those citronella tiki-torches just don’t work as well as we all want them to.

If you find yourself without any bug spray, but do happen to have some vodka on hand, The Daily Green says that vodka can repel insects.

Pour some in a spray bottle and relax in the comfort of your own yard without having to worry about being eaten alive by tiny six-legged freaks. Plus, vodka doesn’t contain any DEET, which has been a topic of conversation in the media regarding it’s safety.


According to The Daily Green, vodka can help treat poison ivy. Who knew?

That’s good to know because I tend to get poison ivy a lot during the summertime. And it’s bound to get worse as The Daily Green is also reporting that poison ivy is spreading due to global warming. Thanks, EPA.

It’s said that the vodka has to be at least 100 proof to work and that rubbing alcohol actually works better, but come on…the vodka provides the only upside to getting poison ivy. Just immediately pour it on, take a shot and hike onwards.


Apparently, vodka was essentially the first Febreeze. The Daily Green says that spraying your clothes with vodka and hanging them to dry in well-ventilated areas can keep your clothes smelling fresh.

This method of home laundering may be perfect for those of you who hate doing laundry or refuse to wash your selvedge or raw denim jeans for fear of ruining them.

Evidently, vodka has the ability to kill odor-causing bacteria, but doesn’t leave a scent when it finally dries. How amazing is that?! I hate doing laundry…


Does your shower faucet look awful? How about your kitchen sink? That’s not good, gentlemen. The cleanliness of a man’s house speaks volumes, especially to women and other significant others.

The Daily Green says that applying vodka to a cloth and getting to work on those faucets will have them “shining like the top of the Chrysler Building” in no time.

This seems to work on chrome, glass and porcelain fixtures, so it acts as a pretty well rounded cleaning solution. Plus, you can enjoy a White Russian while you’re at it! Though, I’m not sure how I feel about drinking something I use to clean faucets…


Again, gentleman. Clean your homes. If you keep them neat and clean in the first place, they likely won’t grow mold. If you already keep them neat and clean and you still have mold, you may have a bigger problem on your hands.

The Daily Green says that, instead of harsh chemical sprays, fill an old spray bottle with some vodka. Spray it on the mold, let it sit for 15 minutes and then scrub it away.

Cleaning the mold from your home will give you more quality air. Clean it with vodka and you’ll have more quality air and a possible buzz.

vodka can preserve flowersVODKA CAN PRESERVE FLOWERS

“If vodka can help you find love, then it can also help you preserve it – or at least the symbols of it.”

The Daily Green said it best. A lot of people meet in bars by getting sloshed and making mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes turn into good things. Congratulations.

Now, when you buy flowers for your newfound love, exercise that green thumb and preserve them in vodka. Flowers like it too.

Simply add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to the water in your flower vase, changing the mixture every day or two, and your flowers will last a whole lot longer.


Whether your have short or long hair, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t reap the benefits of looking nicer. But if you’re one of those guys who simply doesn’t care, then you can at least inform your ladyfriend of this helpful hint. We’re sure she’s always on the lookout for hair tips.

Add a bit of vodka to a 12-ounce bottle of shampoo, shake it up and enjoy. The Daily Green says that vodka has the ability to make your hair healthier and more lush. Take advantage of these tips now, gentleman. There’s a chance you may not have that hair for long.

vodka can make a smoothing lavender tinctureVODKA CAN MAKE A SOOTHING LAVENDER TINCTURE

I’m not even sure what a tincture is. After looking it up though, I found out that it’s a medicine made by dissolving a drug in alcohol. Sounds soothing enough, right?

Lavender, while possibly not the manliest scent there is, is known for it’s soothing capabilities. If you have aches and pains after a long day at work, it may be worth it to give this a try.

The Daily Green says to fill a glass jar filled with fresh lavender flowers and then top it off with vodka. Seal the lid and place it in the sun for three days. When you’re done, strain the liquid through a coffee filter and you have homemade lavender tincture. Rub it on your aches and pains and you’ll save a lot of money on Bengay.

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We want to go ahead and thank The Daily Green for these tips. Follow them on Twitter.

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