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How To Clean Your Mattress

Have you ever cleaned your mattress? Do you even know how to clean your mattress? Think about how many times you’ve woken up covered in sweat. You think that doesn’t seep through your sheets? There are a lot of ways your mattress can get dirty…or worse, get bed bugs. Continue to read our guide out how to clean and freshen up your mattress.

sandalwood2You’re going to need a some sort of sealable container, baking soda, a sieve (one of those strainer things) and some sort of fragrance, which can be any number of things. We’ve seen a lot of people suggest “Essential Oils” which is available at most health food/vitamin stores, although we’re going to recommend Sandalwood.

If you want to get a bit creative, add a bit of an extra fragrance to it. Adding a little bit of your after shave or cologne into the mixture will give your mattress a scent that is uniquely you. I tried it myself and my mattress smelled great.

Once you have your container, baking soda, sieve and fragrance together, go on ahead and follow these next steps:

1.) Put roughly a cup or two of baking soda in the container. You’re going to need enough to coat the entire mattress with a thin layer.

2.) Add the fragrance. You don’t need a lot. A few drops or sprays are fine. The baking soda should not turn into a paste.

3.) Shake up the concoction.

4.) With your sieve, sprinkle the mixture all over the mattress top. There should be a thin powder covering the entire thing.

5.) Wait at least an hour, but we’d give it the day. Do this in the morning and then wait until you’re going to bed.

6.) Vacuum up the excess, put your sheets back on and get in to a fresh, clean bed.

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