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Tips For Today’s Aspiring Gentlemen – Part I: Life

Our main goal here at of Iron & Oak is to prepare you aspiring young gentlemen for the grueling world you’ve stepped into. We want you to look good. We want you to live well. And we want you to be knowledgable on a variety of topics. Follow our Tips for Today’s Aspiring Gentlemen, and you should be sprightly, respectable gentlemen in your own right. If you want, pretend as if Mad Men‘s Don Draper and co. are giving you these tips themselves. Not exactly gentlemen, they’ve led long lives full of debauchery, but they’ve learned a lot over the years.

In this series, you’ll find a selection of choice tips spanning several subjects. Some of these may sound familiar, maybe you’re father or grandfather mentioned them to you. Some of the may sound completely new to you. Bottom line, we wish we knew some of these earlier on and hope you’ll continue to learn from future gentlemen tips to come. 


1. Remember, you can accomplish anything you want with dignity and class.
2. In just about every aspect of life, confidence is key. Be brave.
3. Open your mind and appreciate good music, literature, art and film.
4. That said, a gentleman doesn’t have guilty pleasures. He likes what he likes, and that’s that.
5. Always give it your all. A gentleman never half-asses anything.
6. Whether it be your local region or the entire planet, travel. There’s a whole world out there.
7. Gentlemen have manners. Please and thank you goes a long way.
8. Be noble, otherworldly and knowledgeable and you’ll be well-respected.
9. Read. A lot. Learn something new every day. There’s no limit to literature these days, on or offline.
10. Be proud of yourself. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be gentlemanly.

– – –
As always, if you have any tips to add, comment below or tweet them our way. Don’t be shy. Remember, confidence is key and we’re all ears! Who knows? You may even make the list! Stay tuned for future tips as well as other great articles by following us on Facebook or Twitter. Look Good. Live Well. Of Iron & Oak.

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