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Lounge About In Bourbon Barrel Furniture

We know what our hardworking readers want to do at the end of a long workday. They want to pour themselves a glass of whiskey, possibly light up a nice cigar and lounge about in the privacy of their own homes with their feet up, reflecting on the day and its happenings. Because you know…work, right?

LOUNGE ABOUT IN BOURBON BARREL FURNITUREThat’s why when a fellow reader sent us these chairs after reading our article on DIY pallet furniture the other day, we had a hard time containing our excitement. For, you see, if you’re going to relax and drink whiskey, you may as well sit in it too. Ahem…what I’m trying to say is, you now have the opportunity to lounge about in bourbon barrel furniture. Classy. Man-made. Badass. Furniture.

Made to order in San Diego, Calif. out of upcycled bourbon and wine barrels, Barrelly Made It is the first line of products from Gustaf Rooth’s Planet Rooth Design Haus. Their first line of chairs was first produced in 2008, and soon enough, tables, ottomans, benches and barstools were added to the collection. 

According Barrelly Made It’s site, “Each piece is custom designed and hand crafted, perfectly blending form and function to create stunning pieces of heirloom quality furniture.”

LOUNGE ABOUT IN BOURBON BARREL FURNITUREAdditionally, each unique product, like The Executive, is signed, numbered and covered by a U.S. Design Patent, ensuring a one-of-a-kind chair perfect for enhancing any man’s home.

So what are the advantages of owning a chair like this? Why would we recommend possibly adding these to your probably already stunning collection?

First off, the “wow factor” that accompanies furniture like this makes for a great conversational piece, meaning it’s guaranteed to receive praise from guests. In fact, we’d wager that some of your friends might even argue over who gets to sit in one first.

Secondly, it may not seem like it, but a chair like this has a certain degree of historical value. They’re made out of barrels that have provided joyous bourbon or wine to thousands of people across the world for years. Wouldn’t it be interesting if that bottle of bourbon you finished three years ago on that camping trip actually came from the barrel that was upcycled into your incredible new chair? Yes.

LOUNGE ABOUT IN BOURBON BARREL FURNITUREAll of Barrelly Made It’s furniture is pretty spectacular. I’d especially enjoy sitting in one of these chairs on my porch as I watch the world pass me by, although I’m actually considering the Bourbon Table as a viable option for my new living room.

So, with all that said, which piece is your favorite? Would you lounge about in bourbon barrel furniture? Add on to your home bar with their barstools? Use one of the tables as a curious accent piece? Would you ever take the time to possibly try and build your own? Old barrels are pretty cheap, you know. Let us know in the comments below. There’s always room for discussion.


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