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Slim Timber And Their American-Made Wood Products

Every now and then we come across an innovative company that’s pushing the boundaries of American handcraftsmanship, and this time, we’re beyond excited. Of course, we’re talking about Slim Timber and their American-made wooden products. They’re sleek, unique and absolutely gorgeous.

Slim Timber is simply made up of a husband and wife team based out of Boise, Idaho. They’re extremely creative and share the same passion for handcrafted, American-made products that we do.

The company specializes in producing distinctive wooden wallets perfect for any man. With two wood wallet variations, each made from two types of wood allowing for four total wallet options, Slim Timber has raised the bar as far as suitable wallets for gentlemen are concerned as they’re ergonomically designed, allowing for maximum comfort. Plus, all of the wood used is hand selected to show off the “beautiful and fascinating qualities of the wood.” 

But wait! There’s more! Slim Timber also just finished wrapping up their extremely successful Kickstarter campaign designed to release their new water resistant wooden watch, The Slab.

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, Slim Timber has been working for the past six months playing with wood stabilization, tweaking designs, making prototypes and testing for countless hours to perfect The Slab’s design. It comes in four different variations and is powered by kinetic energy, the first wooden watch of its kind. This means that you’ll never have to change the battery because whenever you move your arm, your watch is winding itself. It’ll actually last a lifetime.

American-Made Wooden Bifold WalletWOODEN BIFOLD WALLETS

Price: $45

These wallets come in Walnut or Zebrawood finishes. According to Slim Timber’s site, each wallet is comprised of high quality leather and two pieces of wood. They have slots for two cards and an ID card with space behind the card slots that can hold up to three more cards. It also, obviously, has a spot to put your dollar bills.

Pick up this wallet here.

American-Made Wood WalletWOOD WALLETS

Price: $45

These wood wallets come in Walnut and Maple finishes and are handcrafted out of a single block of wood, making them extremely strong. They’re fastened with a leather strap that clasps shut via a securely placed magnet. They can hold up to 8 credit or ID cards as well as a few dollar bills and business cards.

Pick up this wallet here.

The Slab - American-Made Wood WatchesTHE SLAB

Price: Unknown

The Slab comes in either 100% stabilized maple or pressure-treated upcycled seven-ply maple skateboard wood, making it the first skate deck watch of its kind. The face of The Slab is simple. There’s merely a single Slim Timber axe logo with slightly raised 3D pyramids adding a bit of texture to it. The tick marks and hands glow in the dark, making it easy to read at nighttime, and it’s water resistant up to 5ATM.

These watches aren’t available to the public yet since their Kickstarter campaign just ended. Stay tuned on Facebook for our official announcement of The Slab.


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