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20 Practical Uses For WD-40

You use duct tape to put things together and WD-40 to take them apart. What more could a man need in his toolbox? A lot more, actually. You’re going to want a whole toolbox full of tools…and maybe this carpenter’s axe.

However, did you know that there are over 2,000 practical uses for WD-40? It’s pretty versatile stuff, making it one of the most useful tools in your work area. But you know this already because not only did your dad use it, but your grandfather used it as well. Having been around for over 50 years, it’s officially a staple to most men’s tool belts.

Because of this, we decided to scour the laundry list of WD-40’s potential uses on their website and narrow them down for you guys. Here are twenty practical uses for WD-40. If you’d like to add any, just drop us a line, and we’ll add it to the list. 

1. Clean your old collectable coins.
20 Practical Uses For WD-402. Remove and prevent rust from developing on your tools.
3. Spray it on your watchband to keep it from pulling on your arm hairs.
4. Keep dirt and clay from sticking to your shovels while digging.
5. Clean your spray paint nozzles.
6. Remove ink stains from all of your leathers.
7. Break in your new baseball mitt.
8. Remove ink stains from denim.
9. Wash cement, oil and tar from your hands after a hard day’s work.
10. Spray it on dried paint before scraping to make it come off easier.
11. Remove the leftover adhesive from the stickers on your new sunglasses.
12. Spray a little on the end of your ballpoint pens to clean them off.
13. Remove gum from the floor mats in your car.
14. Lubricate and protect your bike chain.
15. For the fathers, it removes crayon from most surfaces.
16. Clean the finger holes in your bowling ball.
17. Spray it over stagnant water to keep mosquito eggs from hatching.
18. Lubricate your pocketknife.
19. Refurbish your antique fishing lures.
20. Remove the algae growing your canoe.


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