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How To Create Wood Prints With Your Photos

We at of Iron & Oak can’t stand boring walls. Your walls should represent who you are, what you stand for and where you come from. When a person – a woman, for instance – steps into your home for the first time, they should feel as though they’re journeying deep within the depths of your very mind. They should feel comforted or even impressed by the fact that you’re a creative, intelligent individual who’s conscious of his current living situation. After all, you’re going to want them to come back, right?

As men, it’s very easy for some of us to let things like this slide. Some of us get lazy when it comes to developing well-tailored living spaces, causing our homes to look extremely bare or like that of the inside of a college freshman’s dorm room. Fun fact, women can smell “dorm rooms” from a mile away and tend to run in the opposite direction. That said, forget about thumbtacking that Star Wars posters to your wall, or at the very least, buy a nice frame…

However, for a one-of-a-kind, cost-effective solution to your dull walls that will surely attract an alluring eye or two, we’re going to recommend you get your hands dirty. We recently learned how you can make awesome black & white woodprints with your own digital photographs. Pretty cool, right? I mean, can do something similar, but why shell out all that extra money when you can just do it yourself? 

These hand-made woodprints are great because you can personalize them, print as many as you want and possibly even give them away as inexpensive gifts. Plus, they’ll show off how creative and resourceful you can be. Women love that stuff.

The type of wood you choose can be pretty cheap to acquire. Plus, you can choose from a variety of different types of wood grains, which will add a bit more of a personalized, masculine element to your woodprints. Just think of how awesome a photo of your badass grandfather would look on a hand-printed slab of oak! So without further adieu, here’s how to create hand-made woodprints with your photos.

How To Create Wood Prints With Your PhotosWHAT YOU’LL NEED

• A digital image of your choice printed from a laser printer
• A block or slab of wood
Gel medium
• Thick paint brushes
• Wood stain
• Paste wax
• Sandpaper



• Brush the entire surface of the wood with your Gel Medium. Be sure not to brush it on too thin or too thick. You’re going to want to get just the right amount of consistency. If it’s too thin, your paper won’t stick to the wood. If it’s too thick, the paper will be too hard to get off.

• Place your laser printed paper with your black and white photo on it on the wood and Gel Medium. Make sure you place it picture side down. If you the picture to face a certain direction or have some sort of text on it, you may want to print the paper reversed so that the final image doesn’t come out backwards. Once you place the paper on the wood, smooth out any bubbles and let it dry overnight.

• The next day, wet the dried paper with water and gently rub the paper away revealing the woodprint. This can take a while, but keep at it. Repeat the steps over and over until you’ve cleaned off any leftover residue.

• Once you finish clearing off your woodprint, give it a quick coat of wood stain. Then, sand off any excess gel medium on the edges. If you want, take the creative liberty to sand the corners down or sand the image to give it a distressed look. Afterwards, cover the image in some sort of paste wax to seal in and preserve the image.

• Drill a hole in the back or attach some sort of mounting bracket to the back and hang it strategically around your home.


*Thanks to for this story and for the photos.

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