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Music Inspired Furniture By Bughouse Art + Design

Here at of Iron & Oak, we’re constantly on the lookout for interesting conversational pieces that will work well in a man’s home. We love handcrafted, American-made goods with spunk. You know, the kinds of goods you’ll want to brag about but won’t have to because they do all the bragging for you. Well, in our most recent search, we’ve come across a pretty badass selection of music inspired furniture from Bughouse Art + Design.

From tables made to look like impressive record and cassette collections to tables reminiscent of a DJ’s turntable setup, these musical furniture pieces have the potential to add just the right touch to any music enthusiast’s home. Plus, they’re all made right here in the U.S., making them just that much cooler.

The undeniable truth is that music is a language that will never die out. It will continue to mature and grow with you as you grow older, ultimately giving you a sense of character. As Plato once said, “Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.” Therefore, why not surround yourself with it? 

Vinyl Record Side TableALBUM COFFEE TABLE

These coffee tables are a faux-representation of a block of album spines from the 70’s and 80’s. We say “faux” because who the hell would really glue a bunch of awesome, rare vinyl records together to create a coffee table? Vinyl collectors around the world are curling their toes and cringing at the mere thought of that.

These coffee tables are cleverly made out of plywood and wrapped with a digital image, allowing them to appear as though they’re actually made out of vinyl records. They’re then given a coat of poly resin preserving all of the natural drips, giving the tables their authentic hand-made feel. They’re then given brushed steel legs and signed by designer Jeff Klarin to finish them off.

These tables are approximately 12.5” x 45” x18.5”, although custom sizes are available for the table surfaces as well as the leg heights. Additionally, customized end caps are available for an additional $150, so you can have your favorite albums plastered on the ends of your coffee table!

Check out this side table here. Larger coffee tables can also be seen here.

Cassette Tape Console TableCASSETTE CONSOLE TABLE

Like the aforementioned coffee table, these tables are faux-representations as well, except this time they depict a block of cassette tape spines from the 80’s and 90’s.

They’re constructed out of plywood and wrapped with a digital image, these tables are made almost exactly the same way the album coffee table is made. We’re going to go ahead and assume that this process will make for a much better table compared to a cluster of actual cassettes glued together. Plus, we know there’s probably some music nut out there who’d be pissed if an iconic Michael Jackson cassette tape were treated this way.

Nevertheless, these tables make excellent conversational pieces for music-minded men. They’re coated with poly resin, using the same drip preserving techniques utilized on the album coffee table to give it that hand-made quality.

The legs are made out of tapered hard wood and treated with an ebony stain. The table is roughly 15” x 60” x 34” with the option for custom surface and leg sizing. To finish it off, this table is also signed by the designer, Jeff Klarin.

Check out this table here.

DJ Board Inspired Coffee TableDJ SIDE TABLE

These DJ inspired coffee tables are our favorite piece from Bughouse Art + Design. They’re made using the same wood printing techniques we recently wrote about. So…realistically, it’s possible you could even roll your sleeves up and build this table yourself.

However, constructed from knotty pine planks and brushed steel table legs, the quality of the craftsmanship poured into these tables is pretty remarkable. Its tabletop is hand-treated and aged by the artist and comes in three different finishes: natural, mahogany and ebony.

This table is 20” x 43” x 18.5” with the option for custom surface and leg sizes. And again, to put the finishing touches on this piece it’s signed by designer Jeff Klarin.

Check out this coffee table here. Smaller side tables can also be seen here.



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