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Be A Drink Connoisseur With Swig App

Exploration and adventure is something that we all crave in our lives. It was programmed into your father and father’s father and you can bet that you’ve got it in your DNA. We’ve stumbled across a fantastic new mobile application that is sure to grab your attention and bring the outside world to your bachelor pad. Swig is a fantastic app which brings the idea of exploring new alcohol and sharing with your friends from the comfort of your residence.

Introducing Swig, the Drink Explorers Club from Swig on Vimeo.

Simple, enticing, and a blast to share with your friends. The of Iron & Oak Gentleman is always trying to immerse themselves in new and exciting flavors to take their breath away and this app is another tool in your repertoire. Find friends that follow your similar interests and tastes, it’s a fantastic way to network and learn the newest drinks from everywhere across the world. The breadth of this app becomes apparent immediately when you see the amount of users that are based all across the globe. You’re not just taking recommendations from blank faces on the internet, you can get a taste of their personal flair and style as well.


Being a part of the community is rewarding, because it has a point based system that entices you to continue to share you opinion. When others appreciate your taste you’ll receive additional points and renown. The uploading system is simplistic and you’ll feel as though you’ve done it countless times before. There are options to add filters and artistic design to your photos so you can really give it a personal flair that shows your character and taste. Share with your followers like we did, we showcased the perfect Scotch to enjoy on a day off or to share with your friends. The Swig app is a fantastic way to share with your friends that perfect new beer that caught your eye, and is ideal for the next card night at your place.


We’re thrilled to be part of the community so make sure that you follow us, and share with us on the Swig App at (ofiron& )

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