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Lighting Your Way To Interior Design

Open the curtains, get the dust out of your room, let it breath. Change out the fluorescent tubes in your lamp and prepare to experiment with blinding light. Don’t bother bringing your girlfriend home to a dank cave, nobody sleeps with the cave troll. You may ask yourself, “Why the hell is the lighting of my pad important? I’ve got the furniture, I’ve got the art” blah blah blah. It doesn’t mean a damn thing if it’s presented poorly. It could end up being the equivalent of having a Kate Upton wearing a tent.

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These designs are highlighted by key lighting which showcases the furniture and architectural lines

   Giving your room the ideal touch of light is kind of like dissecting the perfecting meal.  You may not be able to describe, but when you see it you’ll be instantly infatuated with it. The golden rule of lighting is that you should utilize as much natural light as possible. The room is given character and shape which makes it inviting to the eye. Rooms can radically be altered from a simple fixture or brand of bulb. With the right kind of lighting you play the architect bringing out the potential in every aspect of the room. Lighting opens up your design in ways you didn’t think possible; a surprise hook to the face. It takes an attractive design then proceeds to turn it into a knockout.

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Take out the middle man and craft your own lighting fixtures on a budget

   There’s nothing quite as satisfying as creating an element that you’ll use everyday. Men crafted their own tools during Prehistoric times and you can bet that men were able to dissect their cars back in the day. Depending on your budget, your skillset, you might consider investing in a few Edison bulbs and taking a trip to the hardware store to create your own light fixtures. Edison bulbs aren’t necessarily about seeing everything in your kingdom in bright light. It’s about forging an aura that’s inviting and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. With the proper wiring and ideas you’ll be able to give your pad an awesome yet unique style that’ll catch the attention of anyone that you entertain. Most importantly you’ll impress yourself and build something that’s lasting for your place.



Who says that lights have to be hung from the ceiling? Why not incorporate them into your design?

   Lighting has been key to the interior design process long before you decided to take up this endeavor. For the bold and visionaries there’s an opportunity to explore incorporating lights into the design of the room. It combines your lighting as form and function in a jaw-dropping fashion that can give your room kick-ass character plus tons of depth; fully accented with points of focus. Experiment, witness the spectacles that you can craft by seamlessly weaving the lighting into the art of the room. As you go through the room you’ll find that you’re painting with light itself. It’ll grab the attention of anyone who walks in, yet cultivate a style that’s unique and further hits a line-drive to the theme you’re crafting.

That lamp in the corner isn’t cutting it, the Philips Hue LED bulbs illustrates technology and style coming together

   Lighting is beyond just throwing a few fashionable lamps in a corner and feigning ignorance. For those with the budget and vision you can mold a design that is sure to blow the roof off your pad. Technology and interior design are colliding in fantastic fashionable style. When you’re researching and putting together your floor plan you’ll want a plethora of options and these Philips Hue LED bulbs provide them in spades. With your smartphone you’re able to control the color, hue, and even the strength of the light all with the click of a button. The ability to set the mood, or the ability to set your lights to a schedule is a foreign venture that you’ll want to explore for hours on end. Every room can have a kick-ass presence with the single press of a button.

   Don’t just lay down furniture and think your job is done. The of Iron & Oak man isn’t that simplistic, it’s always been about looking good and living well with us. Step into a world of exploration and design; go and try. There’s no success without the possibility of failure, Rome wasn’t lit in a day and your room won’t be either.

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