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4 Sofas As Cool As Steve McQueen

What do Steve McQueen and of Iron & Oak sofas have in common? Lots, if you give us time to think about it. The great “King of Cool” emerged into the spotlight during the 1950’s, and his image and spirit have failed to dim ever since. An American icon in 1960’s counterculture and lauded as an anti-hero, Steve McQueen lived the American Dream on cocaine. While you probably don’t have what it takes to live as cool as Steve McQueen, with the right sofa you’ll be able to at least look the part.


Steve McQueen may very well be the King of Cool, but he might not be the best role model for tweens and teens. While in the Marines, McQueen was demoted down to the rank of Private seven times. On one occasion, McQueen took an unauthorized absence by failing to return after a weekend pass expired. He stayed with a girlfriend for two weeks until he was found by shore patrol. After resisting arrest, McQueen spent a comfy 41 days in the brig.

According to his photographer, Steve McQueen smoked marijuana religiously, and fancied excessive drinking. In addition to being a heavy cigarette smoker as well, biographer Marc Eliot noted that McQueen used “a large amount of cocaine” in the 70s. Lastly, Steve McQueen was arrested for DWI in 1972 while in Anchorage, Alaska.

If there’s any sofa that would be found with Steve McQueen laying on it blowing smoke rings across its tufts, it would be The Jameson. Smooth, dark like whiskey – neat, with no ice, of course. Expensive, yet humble and kind. The modern cowboy’s stallion; it has a familiarity borne to it that no matter how ruff n tough it gets over the years, you can’t help but to love it more.

Jameson Tufted Mont Blanc Dove Brown Leather Barrel Chair
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With financial assistance provided by the G.I. Bill, McQueen studied acting at Sanford Meisner‘s Neighborhood Playhouse and HB Studio, New York, in 1952. He landed his first film role in  Somebody Up There Likes Me, starring Paul Newman. McQueen was subsequently hired for films Never Love a StrangerThe Blob (a leading role), and The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery. McQueen became an avid collector of classic American motorcycles as well as exotic and vintage cars.

Contrary to an outlaw with the Jameson, an individual not unlike Steve McQueen wouldn’t be caught dead smoking on a Redding dressed in proper daisy white. This particular Redding is better suited for polite dinner parties or gatherings of close, intimate friends – not without, however, the cool escapade of showing off one’s interests: collections, products of art, championed successes, you favorite revolver. You get the picture.

Redding Midcentury Sofa in White Leather
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To make money, Steve McQueen went on to partake in weekend motorcycle races at Long Island City Raceway. He purchased the first of many motorcycles, a Harley-Davidson and Triumph, and soon became an excellent racer, going home each weekend with about $100 in winnings (equivalent to $900 in 2018). He later appeared as a musical judge in an episode of ABC‘s Jukebox Jury, that aired in the 1953–1954 season.

McQueen remains a popular icon in American history, and his estate limits the licensing of his image to avoid the commercial saturation experienced by other dead celebrities. As of 2007, McQueen’s estate entered the top 10 of highest-earning dead celebrities. In November 1999, McQueen was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. McQueen was also inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers in April 2007, in a ceremony at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

The Fitzgerald is a strong, assertive sofa. One might find the ranks of the Founding Fathers sitting peacefully beside British Royalty on such a classic piece. Firmly fitted in No 2488 Austin Whiskey Leather, this Fitzgerald is characterized nicely with comparisons to America’s pre-modern icon Steve McQueen. Unapologetically itself, proudly American.

Tan Brown Leather Chesterfield Fitzgerald Sofa with Single Velvet Bench Seat
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When police found a hit list at a murder scene with Steve McQueen’s name on it, McQueen opted to carry a handgun at all times. Four years later in 1973, The Rolling Stones referred to McQueen in the song “Star Star”, for which an amused McQueen reportedly gave personal permission.

However, in 1974’s  McQueen all but disappeared from the public sphere. He focused on traveling around the country in a motor home, enjoying his vintage Indian motorcycles and motorcycle racing. Later in 1978 he was inducted in the Off-road Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Oddly enough, throughout his career McQueen demanded free items in bulk from studios per his contract. Electric razors, jeans, and other items were later discovered donated to the Boys Republic reformatory school, where he spent time in his teen years. Occasionally McQueen made visits to to spend time with the students, play pool, and speak about his experiences.

Ask us to show you a badass man, and we’ll point to Steve McQueen. Ask us to show you a badass sofa, and we’ll introduce you to the Langston. Brash, bold, and brazen, the Langston mimics McQueen’s bold and brazen personality while sharing in his appreciation of beauty in personal touch and uniqueness. If yourhome features a Langston, you will attract and retain the Steve McQueen, cigar-chomping, revolver-spinning type.

Langston Hand-Stained Chesterfield Sofa in Rubino Red Leather
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What else do Steve McQueen, King of Cool, and of Iron & Oak sofas have in common? More than anything else listed above, they have undeniable timelessness. Decades passed and decades more will, and Steve McQueen’s name and legend will be far from forgotten. Similarly, of Iron & Oak sofas age with grace and dignity; the longer it rests in your living room, the more cherished it becomes! For questions about our American Made Furniture and Custom Leather options, click here! And check us out and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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