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Axe The Body Spray: It’s Time To Go Unscented

Take a whiff of yourself. If you still smell like high school, stop it.

I don’t have to look too far back to recall the misguided fumblings of yesteryear in an attempt to clear the hurdles of teenage body odor. In fact, I think it was something we were all guilty of. For the most part, we were all guilty of grabbing the free mini-samples doled out by our gym teachers in the locker room. Shave gel. Stick deodorants. Gel sticks with ridiculously named scents like Arctic Blast, Glacial Spring, Frost Mint, and other scents that sounded more like rejected brands of menthol cigarettes.

What were we to do? We were young, careless and mostly didn’t know any better as we slathered ourselves with shave gel to tame our peach fuzz along with pungent deodorant and five too many mists of a $13 cologne.

However, as adults, a significant number of men are flagrantly guilty of still smelling like these high school locker rooms. Only now, before the big night out, they slap on a fancy cologne weighing in at $50 an ounce muddled with the same Ocean Rush body wash, the same Mountain Fresh shampoo, the same Cool Spirit deodorant and the same Electro-Blue shave gel that they have been abusing for the past ten years.

It’s time to dial it down, fellas. It’s time to go unscented. 

Axe the Body Spray: It's Time To Go UnscentedWHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?

For one, now when you wear cologne, you’ll wear your cologne well. The fragrance will be free to mingle with your body’s natural chemistry, producing it’s intended effect. Unscented soaps also don’t produce as many allergic reactions as other scented soaps do. Even if you’re not allergic, if someone else around you is allergic to your scent…they’re ultimately allergic to you as a whole.

Another major benefit is insect control.  Yes. Insect control. Bugs are everywhere, especially in warmer conditions, and the plethora of scents in your body sprays and washes have been proven to actually attract that warm weather annoyance better known as the mosquito.

It’s time to axe the body spray, the scented bath wash, the scented shave gel and all the other “masculine” products that were complexly layered with ads meant challenge your manhood.

I’m not telling you to free the beast and go completely bare, of course.  And I’m not here to hock some fancy $20 bar of soap that’s packaged in recycled card stock and twine. But you really don’t have to break the bank on these specialty soaps and lotions. Whether you’re famously well-off or continually making frequent trips to the Coinstar machine, going unscented will always be affordable. Look closer the next time you’re picking up skin care and bath products. Chances are that the very brands you may be using now offer unscented versions as well. Except body sprays, which you shouldn’t be using anyway. Stop that.

You’re a man now. It’s time to grow up and smell like one.


*This article is a guest post by none other than Mike Cuntala. He is a writer and craftsman from our home state, New Jersey.  Say hello to him on Twitter.

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