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My Dad’s Garage: Confederate Motorcycles’ Hellcat X132

The rev of the engine. The wind in your face. The world at your back. You must be riding a Hellcat X132, Confederate Motorcycles‘ ironclad pride and joy — and I wish it were in my garage.

Operating out of Birmingham, Alabama and celebrating twenty-two years of American hand-craftsmanship, Confederate Motorcycles thrives by selling heirloom quality bikes to high profile citizens with the means to own such machinery. One such machine is the Hellcat X132.

Named after the illustrious F6F Hellcat, a fearsome fighter plane dating back to World War II, the Hellcat is the current backbone of Confederate Motorcycles’ line of work. Inspired by the Hellcat X132’s older brothers, the first generation Hellcat and the second generation Hellcat X124, this new addition to the Confederate Motorcycles’ family is sleek, more advanced and beautifully engineered. 

How To Drink Whiskey Proper

Every Man Should Know: The Wonderful World of Whiskey

Mark Twain once said, “too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

It’s been brought to my attention that a lot of guys out there aren’t aware of what whiskey (or as I like to call it, “writer’s blood”) actually is. This entry will serve to educate those men out there who, for some reason, just can’t put down that warm can of Coors Light. It’s time to man up and class up.

First off, tons of manly men drink whiskey. It’s the drink of choice for famous authors Ernest Hemingway and the aforementioned Mark Twain. Early American actor, Clark Gable, was famously known for his love of whiskey. Upon traveling to Africa, Winston Churchill found the water so unbearable that he improved it by mixing it with whiskey. Hell, Frank and Jesse James — America’s favorite old-timey outlaws — are even related to the Samuels family, the distillers of Maker’s Mark. Frank’s .36 caliber 1851 Navy Colt revolver is on display at their distillery in Loretto, Kentucky. 

The Gentleman’s Guide To The Study

Although I've never heard him say it, I can vividly imagine my grandfather, a gentlemen in the highest esteem, saying to a much younger versions of my father, "If you need me, I'll be in my study." The study was once a place for the gentlemen to retire to. He'd hang his wool coat on the wall and sit down in a deep, worn leather chair. You knocked on the door before you entered your father's study and you definitely didn't open the drawers of the desk in your father's study.…

Tools Every Man Needs

15 Basic Household Tools Every Man Should Own

If your father is anything like mine, he owns every single tool that has ever been featured in one of Harbor Freight Tools‘ member’s only catalog. When I’m at my parent’s house, the tool I need is always just a simple request away. My dad has this miraculous ability to materialize any given item from an unnavigable mess in less than a minute. It’s quite impressive actually.

However, now that I’m a gentlemanly scholar living life on my own, I realize that I don’t have any of the necessary tools I need for miscellaneous tasks. So I went to Home Depot multiple times to pick up the tools I needed to set up my new place. Here’s a list of basic household tools you should start with so you don’t have to make five separate trips like I did. Believe it or not, you can’t fix everything with duct tape.

Convert Your Bathroom Into A Steam Room

Before I moved, I belonged to a gym with a sauna. Sunday afternoons, I’d manage to drag my ass out of the house just to sit in the steam room and sweat out all the bad things I did to my body over the weekend. Now my Sundays are spent moaning in bed, burping up whiskey and questioning my life’s choices.

I also used to have pretty bad asthma as a kid, which is relevant, trust me. My mother used to bring me into the bathroom, run the hot water and sit me on her lap to help me breathe. Looking back, it got relatively steamy. But now, as a 6’1″ 200 pound man, the weak water stream doesn’t produce nearly enough steam to get me as sweaty as a Bavarian power lifter.

Because of this, I decided to experiment and figure out the best way to get my bathroom steamier than the car sex in Titanic. Click through for step-by-step instructions on how to convert your bathroom into a steam room. 

Every Man Should Know: How To Man The Grill

At of Iron & Oak, we pride ourselves on being able to man the grill with ease. Up until now, we were under the impression that it was simply built into our DNA.

However, it has been brought to our attention that a lot of young men don’t actually know how to grill. Apparently grilling is not instinctive to all men, so here’s a comprehensive eight-step guide to grilling the juiciest, most tender meat you’ll ever sink your teeth into. We present to you the Eight Commandments of Grilling. 

Raw Denim Care

The Definitive Guide To Raw Denim Care

We at of Iron & Oak are obsessed with denim. From off-the-rack basics to exclusive raw selvedge, our team loves jeans. If you’re looking for product suggestions and tips on how to wear denim hit up our partners at The Selvedge Yard, Alex at The Pantalones, or Dillon at Thread & Salt.

Today, our main goal is to teach you how to care for your denim. If you live your life in denim like us than you’re better off investing in one great pair over several cheap alternatives. We’ll teach you how to care for your perfect pair.

The Perfect Sofa From ‘of Iron & Oak’

of Iron & Oak is a bespoke furniture boutique based out of North Carolina making some of the best sofas, ottomans, and chairs at any price point on the market right now. of Iron & Oak is a little shop in the High Point region of North Carolina, the area is often considered the belt buckle on the "Furniture Belt" of America. SHOP OUR FURNITURE of Iron & Oak Home produces 100% American made, stylish, custom furniture, in house, or by calling them.of Iron & Oak does some crazy design work…

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