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Shiner International Furniture, Their Rocking Bed & More

In the market for something dark, innovative and badass to cohabitate with your manly living space? We’re inclined to recommend Shiner International Furniture.

Named after the black eye that founder Joe Manus earned when he was 7 years old, Shiner International is an American furnisher based out of Marianna, Florida. Their inventive design tactics combined with their eco-friendly use of raw materials helps them stand out as a dark, sexy furnishing brand perfect for any dark, sexy gentlemen’s living space. 

The company’s goal is to “transform landfill-destined materials into killer designs,” and with their variety of chairs, tables, lighting, bedframes and more, we’d say they’re definitely on the right track.


Shiner International first started out building their creative chairs or clever barstools for a variety of clients. However, if all of their clients had one thing in common, it’s their fearless sense of adventure. From rockers to benches, dining chairs to shape shifting barstools and more, Shiner International has put together an impressive portfolio of work.

To the left is one of our favorites, the Pant Rocker. With it’s carbon steel frame and assorted pine, oak, walnut or calico wooden slats, we could easily see this making a tasteful addition to any man’s back porch, study or even living room. Visit here for more of Shiner International’s impressive seating options.


Shiner International have also managed produce an exceptional range of surfaces such as coffee tables, dining tables, desks and end tables. Some of them have been designed to be simple while others are meant to stand out. There are even coffee tables in their line that are designed to swallow clutter such as magazines or books with an innovative new storage unit.

To the left is our favorite end table from Shiner International, the Acorn End Table. This end table, again seen with assorted pine, oak, walnut or calico wooden slats, embraces its odd shape proudly and makes a rugged, manly statement. Visit here for more of Shiner International’s varied surface options.


Stepping a bit out of their comfort zone, Shiner International also crafts quality light fixtures out of uncommon materials such as corrugated cardboard, concrete or Styrofoam cut or molded into dramatic shapes. The end results present brilliantly lit conversation pieces perfect for any man’s home. Plus, all hanging lamps can be used with short or tall lamp bases.

Our favorite light fixture from Shiner International is their Revolver Chandelier, made of an assortment of their corrugated cardboard lights. Even though it’s made out of cardboard, it’s an interesting conversational piece that will generate a lot of attention. Visit here for more of Shiner International’s creative light fixtures.


Shiner International’s coup de grace is their mood rocking bed. This is the type of bedframe only the more eccentric gentlemen out there can handle. With its carbon steel frame and pine, oak, walnut or calico slats, the mood rocking bed is definitely a statement piece in the bedroom. It can be left to rock or locked into any position with rubber stops, and is available in all sizes.

We, personally, think this is a great piece from a creative standpoint. Who would’ve thought that rocking beds would see the light of day in our lifetime? Visit here for more photos of the rocking bed as well as some other creative products Shiner International has up their sleeves.

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One of our favorite aspects surrounding Shiner International is their innate sense of resourcefulness. Because of this, their quality American handcraftsmanship and their unique understanding of design, we think Shiner International is a brand that just about anybody could get behind. Spruce up your weary living space by visiting Shiner International at for more details on the brand and its products.


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