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My Dad’s Garage: Confederate Motorcycles’ Hellcat X132

The rev of the engine. The wind in your face. The world at your back. You must be riding a Hellcat X132, Confederate Motorcycles‘ ironclad pride and joy — and I wish it were in my garage.

Operating out of Birmingham, Alabama and celebrating twenty-two years of American hand-craftsmanship, Confederate Motorcycles thrives by selling heirloom quality bikes to high profile citizens with the means to own such machinery. One such machine is the Hellcat X132.

Named after the illustrious F6F Hellcat, a fearsome fighter plane dating back to World War II, the Hellcat is the current backbone of Confederate Motorcycles’ line of work. Inspired by the Hellcat X132’s older brothers, the first generation Hellcat and the second generation Hellcat X124, this new addition to the Confederate Motorcycles’ family is sleek, more advanced and beautifully engineered. 

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