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Spicy ‘Game of Thrones’ Themed Cocktails

We know some of you are likely fans of Game of Thrones and probably went nuts over last night’s season premiere. Likewise, we know that some of you are also big fans of whiskey. Let’s see if we can combine the two.

Now, ordinarily, we wouldn’t dare mix our precious whiskey into anything that doesn’t result in the classic Manhattan. We generally love our whiskey the way it is…neat. But these spicy Game of Thrones themed cocktails from Basil Hayden‘s, Dragon’s Dance and Fire & Ice, got us a bit curious. Life is short, it’d be rather ridiculous not to at least try new things. That’s why we wanted to introduce these two drinks to you. One is a fiery blackberry-infused cocktail with a bit of spice while the other is a tasty pomegranate concoction with some heat. Hint: They both have hot peppers in them.

Give these drinks a shot the next time you’re all crowding around the television to watch people get mauled. Hell, feel free to come up with your own Game of Thrones concoctions and send them our way!

These cocktails, Dragon’s Dance and Fire & Ice, were developed by mixologists Rob Floyd and Joel Black, respectively. 

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