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Celebrating Father’s Day With A Hard Ass

Love him or hate him, he’s your dad. The guy’s been trying to motivate you and push you forward for years. Likewise, if he’s anything like my dad was, he’s also been quick to knock you down a few pegs whether you needed it or not.

That said, Father’s Day is right around the corner and there are tons of gift ideas surfacing on the Internet.  Lots of them involve whiskey or bacon, which aren’t awful ideas. And whereas I would love those gifts, there are actual fathers out there who would prefer a bit more creativity.

I know that if my old man were still around, I’d take a crack at making it a worthwhile day. He was a hard ass, but I’d still make the effort. Maybe I’d take him to the barbershop for a classic shave. Or maybe I’d grill up some of his favorite meats while sharing a few brews. Or maybe I’d actually get my hands dirty and help him finish some project he’d most likely have been working on.  Who knows? Maybe this time I’d have been able to do a little more than simply holding the damn flashlight for him. 

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