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Cuban Cigars: A Forbidden Luxury

Cuban Cigars: A Forbidden Luxury

Long before De Niro was puffing a big, fat cigar in Cape Fear or James Gandolfini was handing out Cubans that “fell off the back of a truck” in The Sopranos, tobacco and cigars had been an iconic piece of American culture and a historic symbol of European expansion in the New World.

Many people mistakenly believe that the cigar originated in Cuba. While Cuba is famous for its cigars, cigar smoking didn’t actually originate there. In fact, archeologists in Guatemala have discovered pieces of Mayan pottery from the 10th century depicting people smoking bound-up bundles of tobacco leaves. The Mayan word for the bound-up bundle – sikar – likely led to the Spanish word cigarro, which in turn became the word ‘cigar’. 

Every Man Should Know: The Art of Cigar Smoking

Cigar smoking isn’t for everyone. We know that. But we still think every man should know a bit about the art. There’s a lot of history behind this age-old practice as well as an entire culture to go along with it. Plus, you wouldn’t want to seem foolish when one of your friends eventually has a baby and passes out cigars to all of his friends. Would you?

Here’s our very basic beginner’s guide to smoking cigars along with some history, tips and tricks. It’s always nice to cut the cap off of a nice cigar, pour a glass of whiskey and relax at the end of the day. Give it a try. No pressure.

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