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The Cordial Gentleman: How To Have A One Night Stand

The New York Times recently published an article by Daniel Bergner titled Unexcited? There May Be a Pill for That. The article explores the first female-desire drug in America and the plan to begin the project’s marketing next fall. The article went viral and the world began buzzing about the woman’s answer to Viagra; the beginning of the pharmaceutical quest to give women a better sex life.

A few months prior, research conducted at the University of Tennessee found that your first sexual encounter not only matters, but also can predict long-term sexual satisfaction. Here’s to not letting incompetence and uncertainty keep you from plunging in with enthusiasm. And the research doesn’t stop there. Scientists argue that sex reduces anxiety, combats depression, and maybe even makes us smarter. If nothing else, despite our best attempts at defining and understanding it, sex tends to inevitably wreak havoc across our lives.

Sex, in and of itself, inherently creates a great deal of conflicts within us. We crave sex with people we do not know or love and it makes us want to do degrading things to the people we do love. But let’s focus on the former – staying classy in pursuit of the dirty, no strings attached sex we’re all dying to have. Here’s how to have a one night stand like the cordial gentleman you are.

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