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5 Manly Recipes For Food With Alcohol

5 Manly Recipes For Food With Alcohol

There’s something about pairing the perfect drink with your meal that just intensifies the whole experience. There’s no denying that. But what happens if you skip the middleman and just cook food with alcohol?

We here at of Iron & Oak are always trying to push the boundaries of our readers, introducing them to new skills and exposing them to new and exciting things that will enhance their overall manly stature.

We know some of you guys haven’t cooked anything more than Hungry-Man TV dinners and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. We also know that some of you men out there are tried and true gourmet chefs in your own right, and for that, you get a gold star. Because, after all, providing delicious foods for others sort of goes hand-in-hand with the age-old testament of being manly. No?

We’ve already covered basic grilling skills, which can be applied here, but we want to dive deeper into the culinary arts. We want to expose our readers to even more manly recipes by cooking food with alcohol. Bourbon steak. Beer can chicken. Whiskey-flavored pork chops.

You see, cooking in itself is a bit of a science. Add a bit of alcohol to the equation and you’ve got yourself a full-blown, deliciously badass experiment. Here are five manly recipes for food with alcohol fit for a king. Give them a try, gourmet chef or not, and let us know how your meals turned out. Hell, let us know what your ladies even think of them. And if you have any manly recipes of your own, feel free to share. 

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