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Treat Her Right: Five Great Valentine’s Day Ideas

There’s nothing more gentleman-like than thoughtfully wooing that special woman in your life, taking care of her and treating her to something remarkable. Valentine’s Day, in particular, is the one-day of the year most women look forward to receiving this type of treatment. Yet, somehow Valentine’s Day is also the same day most women loathe entirely. We at of Iron & Oak are under the impression that this is due to the complete lack of energy, creativity or wherewithal on most men’s parts, and we aim to help fix it. Here are five great Valentine’s Day ideas to get you guys thinking creatively. Valentine’s Day is only a mere ten days away, so pay attention. 


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be boring, you know. You don’t have to sit across from your date in silence as your awkwardly chew your food dreading the bill. And sometimes it’s nice to break away from the traditional dinner and a movie. So get out there, and actually do something. We’d recommend attending a concert or comedy show.

Believe it or not, taking your date to see her favorite band may win you some serious points. She’ll be so ecstatic at the thought of singing along to her favorite songs, she won’t have time to really assess the fact that she’s even on a Valentine’s Day date until the concert’s over and she realizes what a great time she had. Bonus points if you can somehow meet the band backstage. Rock on.

It may also be worth it to look into comedy clubs in your area. They say that laughter can be an aphrodisiac, which could help you out in the long haul. Plus, women are always on the lookout for men with a great sense of humor. Perhaps you could crack a few jokes of your own. See where that takes you.


Maybe your date has an office job and spends her entire day cramped in a tiny chair. Maybe she doesn’t want to sit down for dinner and a movie. Maybe she’s wants to run around, be active and partake in some healthy competition. If that’s the case, bowling is the way to go.

We know, we know. Bowling alleys don’t necessarily seem like the most romantic places of all time. However, they provide you with great times, a sporty atmosphere, plenty of time for flirtatious conversation and alcohol. Although, we recommend not getting completely sloshed at the bowling alley, as we’re assuming you’d have driven your date there. Because, you know, you should have driven her.


A lot of times money is the main aspect holding back a potentially great Valentine’s Day date. Well, we’re here to tell you that that’s a load of shit. You just have to be a tad creative.

You could go on picnics, make forts in your living room, or just surprise her at work. Women love spontaneity and will appreciate any and all efforts you may present, as long as they’re sensible. However, they don’t have to be expensive.

One great idea that’s sure to rile her up is the idea of compiling some sort of sexy scavenger hunt. Write up some clues, go on missions together, give her small prizes whenever she checks something off the list. Go for the big picture, though. Try recreating the night you met, your first kiss, monumental moments, etc. It’ll drive her crazy and you’ll win some serious points.

ValentineMassageSOMETHING SEXY

Two words. Sensual massage. Whether you’re paying the exorbitant amount of money to get a couples massage at a spa or simply going for the gold and massaging each other, nothing is more relaxing or more sexy than a massage. The more relaxed your date is on Valentine’s Day, the more room there is for romance.

If you do choose to simply massage each other, make it nice. Light some candles, burn some incense and play some relaxing music.  Lay down a lot of pillows or blankets, prepare a light dish filled with cheeses, grapes or berries. Your date will certainly appreciate the effort.

Additionally, this is one idea that you may want to run past your date before trying. Nobody wants to be surprised and then suddenly manhandled. That won’t work out for either party.


We know, guys. Sometimes the kitchen can be a dark and scary place filled with appliances, gadgets and the like. Some of you may have never cooked anything more than Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pockets or Wild Berry Pop Tarts. However, some of the best cooks in the world are men, and we’re willing to bet that those men cook for their special ladies all the time.

You don’t have to cook anything too fancy for Valentine’s Day, although your meal should be a bit more elaborate than boiled spaghetti with Ragu dumped on top. Here are a few great, easy to make recipe ideas to try:

Chicken with Fettuccini Alfredo
Ranch Parmesan Chicken
Maker’s Mark Bourbon Marinated Hangar Steak
Vanilla Crème Brulee

Like we said, all of these recipes are fairly easy to make. If you’re a novice to the culinary arts, don’t worry too much about getting them perfect. Your date will likely appreciate your efforts and enjoy the date anyway. Light some candles, play some music, drink some wine and have a great time.


The great things about these ideas are their compatibility. You could easily cook dinner for your date and then go to a concert. Or you could plan out your sexy scavenger hunt and then enjoy your massages. Be creative. Think of things that you know your date will enjoy. Every woman is different, but most of them just want to be thought of, especially on Valentine’s Day. Be a gentleman and do something special for that special someone. There’s a fairly large chance that she deserves it. Now you just have to think of a great gift. Our friends at The Sterling Gentleman can help you with that.


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