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Big Chill Retro Appliances

CHILL OUT and COOK OUT with Big Chill Retro appliances, of Iron & Oak’s latest professional partnership. We have always been more than just a furniture showroom. Now you can stylize your kitchen into a work of art by combining our handcrafted leather furniture with Big Chill’s retro and industrial designs.

Custom Seating

We have a staggering variety of custom seating, mold-able and fashionable to any standard or style you can dream of. Whether you prefer your seating “straight-up” like our Lambert-inspired wrap-around bench seating (pictured below), or you’re interested in a Chesterfield leather style, of Iron & Oak can provide what you need.

of Iron & Oak Custom Seating Kitchen

Big Chill Appliances

Big Chill manufactures beautiful retro-creations of refrigerators, stoves, cooktops, microwaves, dishwashers, and ovens. Big Chill appliances have all the functionality of a modern appliance with vintage design and color. Available in a number of standard colors, or make a statement by choosing from 200 custom colors. Of Iron & Oak currently has an Original Fridge on display at our Lambertville showroom.

Big Chill Retro Blue Refrigerator
Big Chill Retro Blue Refrigerator

We don’t like it – we LOVE it

We at of Iron & Oak love Big Chill’s designs so much that we outfitted our own home with Big Chill appliances! Our kitchen (which is still a work-in-progress, so pardon our appearance!) uses the Classic Fridge and the 36” Classic Stove – two grand pieces that certainly make a statement.

Big Chill Classic White Enamel Refrigerator

The Classic Fridge – the epitome of industrial chic and the perfect complement to any elegant kitchen. The Classic Fridge has a spacious 22.3 cubic feet capacity, an internal water dispenser and ice maker, and beautifully stunning interior LED lighting. Available in 5 standard colors and 4 trim options, we decided to go white with brushed brass!

Big Chill Classic White Enamel Oven

Charting a new course for industrial chic design, the Big Chill Classic 1900 Series Stove makes it easy for style-hungry cooks to turn up the heat. We absolutely love how rugged and robust, sleek and versatile it is. Once again, we matched our fridge with brushed brass on white.

Big Chill Classic White Enamel Oven

These brass brushed knobs are glorious, and add an amazing level of sophistication and robustness to our kitchen.

Big Chill has some amazing designs that we adore, and we highly recommend them for anyone looking to give their kitchen a fresh, unique look. For questions or pricing on Big Chill Appliances, or to inquire about our custom furniture and seating options, reach out to us on our website, Facebook, or Instagram!

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