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Hand Stained Leather Chesterfields From 'of Iron & Oak'

it's all in the wrist

Most leathers attain their distinctive color from chemical dyes, soaked and finished in large drums for mass-production purposes.

At this scale, tried-and-true tanning techniques are routinely forgotten and tanners have allowed modern technology to sully their craft. Although this chemically and machine-processed leather is a consistent and expensive material perfect for your sofa, it is not genuine hand‐colored leather.

Where others have forgotten their roots, of Iron & Oak continues to operate using traditional coloring methods. Our proprietary hands-on coloring technique is as patient as it is effective.

Striding beyond the expectations of imitation leathers and industrially-produced colored leather, of Iron & Oak leather receives careful, hands-on individual attention.

Our experienced craftspeople apply raw dyes to the leather’s surface by hand, carefully spreading and massaging the dye into the natural folds and grooves of the leather. Once the dye is fully absorbed into the hide, additional coatings are applied again and again to ensure the hide retains the most radiant finish possible.

As every piece of hide is different, each hand-colored surface absorbs the dyes unevenly due to varying skin texture.

The result is a passionate blend of warm honey-suckled browns, cherried mahogany reds, storied vintage blues, old-growth greens, and rich & savory creams of varying intensity, providing a glowing patina of natural antiquity and grandness.

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