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The of Iron & Oak Lambertville New Jersey Furniture Showroom is proud to also showcase Big Chill Appliances alongside out custom made chesterfields and other treasures. Where we pride ourselves in bringing cheer into the heart of your living room, Big Chill brings cheer into the hard of your kitchen. Their Retro Line makes kitchens memorable and guests feel welcome. The Pro Line brings sleek, contemporary detail, including colors both bold and subtle. The Classic Line was inspired by the industrial-chic movement and is rendered in rich detail, velvety colors, and distinct finishes for sophisticated warmth.

Big Chill continues to be an industry leader in design and color today, with innovative products in a range of styles and sizes coming to market regularly.

Give us a call at 732·400·1962, drop us a message, or stop by our Lambertville Furniture Showroom to check out what Big Chill can bring to your kitchen.

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