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How to Build Your Own Sneaker Room

If you're like us, this little sneaker habit of yours has probably already spun out of control. If it hasn’t, it will, because sneakers are awesome. They’re really really really cool and once you get a whiff of that new pair smell the urge to cop more can be hard to resist. If you’re already 100+ pairs deep and slowly crafting a labyrinth of shoe storage in your garage you may be a bit beyond help, but for those of you still building your arsenal or sitting pretty on a…

When PLAYBOY Informed Sexy Design & Made the Bachelor Pad a Cultural Tradition

by Guest Contributor, The Selvedge Yard's Jon Patrick Debuting in 1953, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine represented the ultimate liberated lifestyle for men of the 1950s, ’60s and beyond. Some called Hef’s imaginative, artistic spreads on architecture & interior design nothing more than self-indulgent, male sexual fantasy cloaked under a flimsy cover of so-called culture. For the man that wanted to be (or fantasized of being) the master of his own hedonistic domain — Playboy was his blueprint. And Hef perfected his own personal blueprint for tapping directly into the wallet of a…

The Evolution Of Shaving And Why It's A Rip-off

The Evolution of Shaving And Why It’s A Rip-Off

We’re not going to teach you how to shave. We’re sure you already know how to. Your father already took care of that life lesson a long time ago, which may be the sole reason why some of you may have decided to nix shaving altogether to grow gnarly, Paul Bunyan-esque beards. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. We love how rebellious beards are.

However, there’s a lot of bullshit scattered about the shaving industry that has plagued men’s faces as well as their wallets for decades. We think every man, bearded or not, should be made aware of these shenanigans and move to restore the sanctity of the classic male shave. Here’s to the evolution of shaving and why it’s a rip-off. 

A Manly Man And His Boots: A Chat With HELM Boots

The relationship between a man and his boots should never go overlooked. For starters, a great, durable pair of boots that can withstand the elements can last a man his whole life. Whether building a house, hiking the Appalachian Trail or harvesting hops for a new batch of home brewed craft beer, a manly man and his boots can accomplish a lifetime of tasks together.


Secondly, a man should really pay attention to his boots because women tend to pay attention to those sorts of things. A great pair of boots to go along with a great sense of style and the right attitude can go a long way for an aspiring young gentleman. They can boost confidence, and confidence is key.

That’s why up-and-coming premium boot retailers, HELM Boots have been making fine, quality men’s boots right here in America since 2009. Their ability to somehow blend style, comfort and durability make their boots a worthy footwear option for any man in need of a new boot.

We at of Iron & Oak recently had the opportunity to talk to Ms. Hillary Bilheimer from HELM. She was kind enough to answer our questions and help us get a better understanding of HELM Boots. Read on to learn more about the company, their history and why they should become your new favorite boot brand. 

Behind The Scenes: Happy 100th Anniversary Schott NYC!

Last week, of Iron & Oak journeyed up to Union, N.J. to visit Schott NYC‘s breathtaking factory. We’re huge fans of the 100-year-old company and can’t get enough of their fine leather apparel laced with threads of rich American heritage. It was an honor and a privilege to be surrounded by the noise of the factory, the slew of hard workers and the wealth of history that continues to accompany Schott NYC as they celebrate their 100th anniversary. 

Every Man Should Know: How To Wear Cologne

Have you ever been enjoying yourself at a gathering or bar when suddenly a fellow male passes by, wafting in a pungent trail of overly musky cologne? It's overkill, and it kills the mood, right? I know many of us have experienced this at one point or another, and if not, then sadly, you may be the culprit at hand. Here's a helpful guide to effectively wearing cologne. Every man should know because, after all, the way you smell is the best way to make great first impressions. HOW MUCH…

Raw Denim Care

The Definitive Guide To Raw Denim Care

We at of Iron & Oak are obsessed with denim. From off-the-rack basics to exclusive raw selvedge, our team loves jeans. If you’re looking for product suggestions and tips on how to wear denim hit up our partners at The Selvedge Yard, Alex at The Pantalones, or Dillon at Thread & Salt.

Today, our main goal is to teach you how to care for your denim. If you live your life in denim like us than you’re better off investing in one great pair over several cheap alternatives. We’ll teach you how to care for your perfect pair.

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