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Liner Greyway 8’x10′ Hair-on-Hide Patchwork Rug


Salmagundi Rugs are handcrafted and designed with luxury, quality, & durability in mind. Patterns are precisely cut and showcase the color and character of hair on hides. Colors vary ever so slightly so it is easy to be directly from of Iron & Oak. All rugs are in stock and ready to ship.

  • Handmade from 100% natural cowhide
  • Backed with non-woven cotton/nylon blend
  • Each piece is individually cut & stitched

Call 732.400.1962 to order


Salmagundi Rugs

Bring something fresh and new to your interior with our one-of-a-kind patchwork rugs.

This luxurious collection offers striking designs that will bring instant style to any room.

A combination of select Brazilian hair-on-cowhide and premium stitching are in symphony to create gorgeous, contemporary patterns entirely made by hand.

hair on hide patchwork rug

One of a Kind


A strong fabric backing protects the surface the rug is placed on and adds an extra layer of cushion. It’s like walking on air!

Keep your rug safe from exposure to direct sunlight, too much sunlight may cause the color to fade.

Extend the life of your rug by rotating it 180 degrees every year.  Regular vacuuming on a low or gentle setting will remove surface dirt.

Contact a professional cleaning service for any staining that occurs.

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