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Love For The Game: Garrison Creek Bat Co.

With the rise of football’s popularity over the years and the seemingly decreased interest in baseball in America, we recently posed the question here on of Iron & Oak whether or not baseball is still America’s favorite pastime. We’d like to think it still is, but we’re going to leave that up to our readers.

LOVE FOR THE GAME: GARRISON CREEK BAT CO.However, today we want to highlight one Canadian bat company with a twist that we really wish would hop the border and rival America’s famed baseball bat brands, Louisville Slugger and Easton. This Canadian company has been doing their part to keep baseball alive in their community by coupling the power of creative craftsmanship with their pure love for the game – Garrison Creek Bat Co.

Formed in 2012 by three Toronto natives, C.R. Fieldhouse, Dave Murray and Ryan Christiani, Garrison Creek Bat Co. builds quality hand-turned baseball bats that not only pay homage to the game, but also their hometown.

According to the company’s website, “the care, time and attention that goes into making each model reflects how deeply we connect with baseball, whether through our favorite teams, through the sport’s mythology, or as a way to bond with our friends and communities.” 

Is Baseball America's Favorite Pastime?

Is Baseball America’s Favorite Pastime?

Baseball — said to be this country’s favorite past-time. But is baseball America’s favorite pastime? It represents an era when times were hard but living was simple. You see, before TV, Internet and video games polluted the minds of children, baseball was the one thing kids did after school and on weekends in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It was the one thing almost everyone could talk about. In fact, it was actually how people passed the time, hence why it’s considered “America’s favorite pastime”.

Babe Ruth

The Great Bambino himself.

To become a national pastime, something has to completely envelope a culture. Yes. Football is the most popular sport in America these days, but does it completely envelope American society? There are simply too many things going on these days, too many distractions. American baseball thrived at a time when people could turn to the sport for relief. Joe DiMaggio. Babe Ruth. Hank Aaron. Ty Cobb. These guys were the ones with the answers.

Dick’s Sporting Goods recently released a powerful commercial about the game. Aside from the fact that it’s an advertisement, it still brings back the simplicity of the sport and everything it stands for. It’s just nice to see some respect for the game for a change. If you’ve ever played baseball or watched it on TV or from the stands, you’ll feel what I felt — pure love for the game. 

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