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Convert Your Bathroom Into A Steam Room

Before I moved, I belonged to a gym with a sauna. Sunday afternoons, I’d manage to drag my ass out of the house just to sit in the steam room and sweat out all the bad things I did to my body over the weekend. Now my Sundays are spent moaning in bed, burping up whiskey and questioning my life’s choices.

I also used to have pretty bad asthma as a kid, which is relevant, trust me. My mother used to bring me into the bathroom, run the hot water and sit me on her lap to help me breathe. Looking back, it got relatively steamy. But now, as a 6’1″ 200 pound man, the weak water stream doesn’t produce nearly enough steam to get me as sweaty as a Bavarian power lifter.

Because of this, I decided to experiment and figure out the best way to get my bathroom steamier than the car sex in Titanic. Click through for step-by-step instructions on how to convert your bathroom into a steam room. 

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