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of Iron & Oak’s House of the Week: The Ultimate Bathroom Remodel

Every pad needs a bathroom to pontificate and to take care of your business. It's rare that you'd use a loo as the basis for your entire damn apartment though. In an abandoned lavatory is where, UK architect Laura Clark, found her inspiration to make her personal getaway near the Crystal Palace Parade in London, England. Clark was eager to test her creativity and groundbreaking idea in 2005 when she stumbled upon her pet-project, "For me that's about saving sites with an interesting history, but which have been abandoned and…

When PLAYBOY Informed Sexy Design & Made the Bachelor Pad a Cultural Tradition

by Guest Contributor, The Selvedge Yard's Jon Patrick Debuting in 1953, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine represented the ultimate liberated lifestyle for men of the 1950s, ’60s and beyond. Some called Hef’s imaginative, artistic spreads on architecture & interior design nothing more than self-indulgent, male sexual fantasy cloaked under a flimsy cover of so-called culture. For the man that wanted to be (or fantasized of being) the master of his own hedonistic domain — Playboy was his blueprint. And Hef perfected his own personal blueprint for tapping directly into the wallet of a…

Choosing Your Cologne

Uncommon Scents: Choosing Your Cologne

They say that a scent can evoke our deepest emotions. Scientifically speaking, it's said that a single smell sends a signal to our brain that influences our emotions, imbedded feelings or our innermost memories. The reason? The brain doesn't have to gather and interpret a smell for it to make sense. The first time you take in a smell, it takes a direct path to the cortex where it's processed; interestingly enough, right along side where your emotions are kept. So, in short: Smell = Emotion. Now, think of the…

A LOOK Back: Vintage Advice on the Loud Sports Shirt

We here at of Iron & Oak have acquired a large percentage of the surviving LOOK magazines and we'll be posting an article from one of them once a week. Today we're discussing  men's fashions from the Atomic Era. The News: Sports shirts, quiet for the past few years, show signs of getting noisy again. The first loud-shirt bang was heard during World War II, when allotments to the armed forces caused civilian fabric shortages: Shirt makers turned to the less-restricted women’s dress prints and produced the wildest men’s sport…

How A Great Belt Buckle Can Save Your Life

A startling story was reported yesterday that took us by surprise. Partly because of it’s shock factor. Mostly because of it’s badassery. And because of our desire to provide you guys with excellent stories, meaningful lessons and style tips that will enhance your overall manly lifestyle, we had to share it with you. So without further adieu, here’s how a great belt buckle can save your life.

HOW A GREAT BELT BUCKLE CAN SAVE YOUR LIFEApparently, it was a fairly normal day for 38-year-old Philadelphia grocery story employee Bienvenido Reynoso, until a shooting broke out on the street in front of his store.

According to police, surveillance footage showed a man on a bicycle firing a gun outside the store, striking one person in the abdomen, placing him in critical condition.

When Reynoso heard the gunshot that blasted its way inside the store, he immediately hit the deck in an attempt to get out of harm’s way. But here’s the thing, without even knowing it, Reynoso had been shot. 

Behind The Scenes: Happy 100th Anniversary Schott NYC!

Last week, of Iron & Oak journeyed up to Union, N.J. to visit Schott NYC‘s breathtaking factory. We’re huge fans of the 100-year-old company and can’t get enough of their fine leather apparel laced with threads of rich American heritage. It was an honor and a privilege to be surrounded by the noise of the factory, the slew of hard workers and the wealth of history that continues to accompany Schott NYC as they celebrate their 100th anniversary. 

Our Top Five Exhibiting Brands From Project NYC

On Tuesday, January 22, we at of Iron and Oak fought through the frigid weather in an effort to get to Pier 92 on the west side of Manhattan, the home of this year’s Project NYC fashion trade event. After beating the standstill North Jersey traffic, catching a couple of trains and hailing one much needed taxi cab, we finally made it.

Upon entering Pier 92 and seeing Project NYC’s gigantic logo cleverly centered amid log cabin-esque themes, it was clear that this is where the big shots come to play. Fashionable people walking around, doing business, networking, smiling, laughing, joking. People knew people. And if they didn’t, they went out of their way to meet them. It was fast-paced and exhilarating.

Now, there were a ton of bigger brands at this event. Adidas. True Religion. G-Shock. Dickies. However, there were a few brands in attendance that stood out among the rest. Some had massive displays to draw patrons in while others just had friendly people behind their booths. Here are our top five favorite brands, in no particular order, from Project NYC that we think you guys may also enjoy. 

Every Man Should Know: How To Wear Cologne

Have you ever been enjoying yourself at a gathering or bar when suddenly a fellow male passes by, wafting in a pungent trail of overly musky cologne? It's overkill, and it kills the mood, right? I know many of us have experienced this at one point or another, and if not, then sadly, you may be the culprit at hand. Here's a helpful guide to effectively wearing cologne. Every man should know because, after all, the way you smell is the best way to make great first impressions. HOW MUCH…

Raw Denim Care

The Definitive Guide To Raw Denim Care

We at of Iron & Oak are obsessed with denim. From off-the-rack basics to exclusive raw selvedge, our team loves jeans. If you’re looking for product suggestions and tips on how to wear denim hit up our partners at The Selvedge Yard, Alex at The Pantalones, or Dillon at Thread & Salt.

Today, our main goal is to teach you how to care for your denim. If you live your life in denim like us than you’re better off investing in one great pair over several cheap alternatives. We’ll teach you how to care for your perfect pair.

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