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A Manly Man And His Boots: A Chat With HELM Boots

The relationship between a man and his boots should never go overlooked. For starters, a great, durable pair of boots that can withstand the elements can last a man his whole life. Whether building a house, hiking the Appalachian Trail or harvesting hops for a new batch of home brewed craft beer, a manly man and his boots can accomplish a lifetime of tasks together.


Secondly, a man should really pay attention to his boots because women tend to pay attention to those sorts of things. A great pair of boots to go along with a great sense of style and the right attitude can go a long way for an aspiring young gentleman. They can boost confidence, and confidence is key.

That’s why up-and-coming premium boot retailers, HELM Boots have been making fine, quality men’s boots right here in America since 2009. Their ability to somehow blend style, comfort and durability make their boots a worthy footwear option for any man in need of a new boot.

We at of Iron & Oak recently had the opportunity to talk to Ms. Hillary Bilheimer from HELM. She was kind enough to answer our questions and help us get a better understanding of HELM Boots. Read on to learn more about the company, their history and why they should become your new favorite boot brand. 

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