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of Iron & Oak’s House of the Week: The Ultimate Bathroom Remodel

Every pad needs a bathroom to pontificate and to take care of your business. It's rare that you'd use a loo as the basis for your entire damn apartment though. In an abandoned lavatory is where, UK architect Laura Clark, found her inspiration to make her personal getaway near the Crystal Palace Parade in London, England. Clark was eager to test her creativity and groundbreaking idea in 2005 when she stumbled upon her pet-project, "For me that's about saving sites with an interesting history, but which have been abandoned and…

Lighting Your Way To Interior Design

Open the curtains, get the dust out of your room, let it breath. Change out the fluorescent tubes in your lamp and prepare to experiment with blinding light. Don't bother bringing your girlfriend home to a dank cave, nobody sleeps with the cave troll. You may ask yourself, "Why the hell is the lighting of my pad important? I've got the furniture, I've got the art" blah blah blah. It doesn't mean a damn thing if it's presented poorly. It could end up being the equivalent of having a Kate…

Six Sexy Ways To Set The Mood

Six Sexy Ways To Set The Mood

Most men go through it at one point or another. They have a lady coming over to their place, so they frantically sweep dust under their rug, hide their dirty laundry in the closet, take a quick shower and hope for the best.

When it comes time to set the mood though, some men are shy, inexperienced or simply dumbfounded. The most important aspect of setting the mood is to make her feel welcome in your home. Create an atmosphere that not only reflects well on you, but also makes her feel comfortable, setting the tone for the night. You wouldn’t invite her over if your home looked like the inside of Buffalo Bill’s basement, would you? Of course not. Here are six sexy ways to set the mood. You’re an aspiring young gentleman, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. 

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