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The Gentleman’s Guide To The Study

Although I’ve never heard him say it, I can vividly imagine my grandfather, a gentlemen in the highest esteem, saying to a much younger versions of my father, “If you need me, I’ll be in my study.”

The study was once a place for the gentlemen to retire to. He’d hang his wool coat on the wall and sit down in a deep, worn leather chair. You knocked on the door before you entered your father’s study and you definitely didn’t open the drawers of the desk in your father’s study. Privacy and respect. That was the gentleman’s agreement of the time.

Times have changed though, and the study has slowly disappeared.  Today’s home floor plans have become and ‘open concept. Every child got their own bedroom, and with advances in technology, we saw emergence of computer rooms and home offices. Then, sooner or later, that tiny bastion of space, untouched by wives or kids soon evolved — or devolved — into a despicable man cave. An adult play room.

As the study was the the room for the gentlemen, the man cave was the room for boys. And it’s a damn shame that man caves ever became a thing. They never quite reached their potential.

So us men at of Iron & Oak are here to bring ‘the study’ back with a vengeance. 

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