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Japan Brings You The New King of Scotch

You’ve been duped, we’ve been hoodwinked, all these years you were taught that the finest Scotches came from the motherland of Scotland, but the Japanese came and drove a left hook right into our expectations. The end of 2014 bought a surprise that knocked the Scottish right on their ass. A Japanese Single Malt known as Yamazki stole the crown from the Scottish and became the first Japanese Whiskey to ever claim the prestigious accolade of World’s Best Tasting Whiskey. The Scottish were completely removed from the fight and Chief…

Be A Drink Connoisseur With Swig App

Exploration and adventure is something that we all crave in our lives. It was programmed into your father and father's father and you can bet that you’ve got it in your DNA. We’ve stumbled across a fantastic new mobile application that is sure to grab your attention and bring the outside world to your bachelor pad. Swig is a fantastic app which brings the idea of exploring new alcohol and sharing with your friends from the comfort of your residence. Introducing Swig, the Drink Explorers Club from Swig on Vimeo. Simple, enticing,…

Of Iron & Oak Whiskey!

WHISKEY! The Sunshine of Liquid

  There is a saying out there. "Alcohol can be man’s worst enemy, but doesn’t the Bible say love thy enemy?" From the early history to the present alcohol has played an important role in religion, worship and in every aspect of a human’s life. It's also made for a pretty great drink. From the late 50s when you had Frank Sinatra sipping on good old whiskey with Dean Martin next to him already a drink or two in, to Mad Men, and Tony Stark, whiskey's been the go-to drink…


Spicy ‘Game of Thrones’ Themed Cocktails

We know some of you are likely fans of Game of Thrones and probably went nuts over last night’s season premiere. Likewise, we know that some of you are also big fans of whiskey. Let’s see if we can combine the two.

Now, ordinarily, we wouldn’t dare mix our precious whiskey into anything that doesn’t result in the classic Manhattan. We generally love our whiskey the way it is…neat. But these spicy Game of Thrones themed cocktails from Basil Hayden‘s, Dragon’s Dance and Fire & Ice, got us a bit curious. Life is short, it’d be rather ridiculous not to at least try new things. That’s why we wanted to introduce these two drinks to you. One is a fiery blackberry-infused cocktail with a bit of spice while the other is a tasty pomegranate concoction with some heat. Hint: They both have hot peppers in them.

Give these drinks a shot the next time you’re all crowding around the television to watch people get mauled. Hell, feel free to come up with your own Game of Thrones concoctions and send them our way!

These cocktails, Dragon’s Dance and Fire & Ice, were developed by mixologists Rob Floyd and Joel Black, respectively. 

Every Man Should Know: The Wonderful World of Whiskey

Mark Twain once said, “too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

It’s been brought to my attention that a lot of guys out there aren’t aware of what whiskey (or as I like to call it, “writer’s blood”) actually is. This entry will serve to educate those men out there who, for some reason, just can’t put down that warm can of Coors Light. It’s time to man up and class up.

First off, tons of manly men drink whiskey. It’s the drink of choice for famous authors Ernest Hemingway and the aforementioned Mark Twain. Early American actor, Clark Gable, was famously known for his love of whiskey. Upon traveling to Africa, Winston Churchill found the water so unbearable that he improved it by mixing it with whiskey. Hell, Frank and Jesse James — America’s favorite old-timey outlaws — are even related to the Samuels family, the distillers of Maker’s Mark. Frank’s .36 caliber 1851 Navy Colt revolver is on display at their distillery in Loretto, Kentucky. 

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