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of Iron & Oak is a bespoke furniture boutique based out of North Carolina making some of the best sofas, ottomans, and chairs at any price point on the market right now. of Iron & Oak is a little shop in the High Point region of North Carolina, the area is often considered the belt buckle on the “Furniture Belt” of America.


of Iron & Oak Home produces 100% American made, stylish, custom furniture, in house, or by calling them.of Iron & Oak does some crazy design work on their pieces, we’re talking 8 foot long Chesterfields.

Hughes Art Deco Chair in Gulf Racing inspired Leather

Custom doesn’t just mean you can pick the size though, oh no. The beauty in an of Iron & Oak piece is that everything they make is a 1 of 1 piece of furniture just for you. A piece from of Iron & Oak is a reflection of your personal style and tastes. You choose the specific size, the type of leather, the wear of the leather, the color of the fabric, type of fabric, how much cushioning goes into the backs and seats of the sofa. Literally anything you can imagine, can be tailored to your needs.

Custom isn’t the only thing though, quite frankly, the couches this company makes are just damn cool. Start with the fact that everything, from the screws to the wood to the foam in the couch cushions are American made. All the labor and manufacturing is done right in the of Iron & Oak warehouse. You’re just as likely to find the owner of the company covered with saw dust with band aids on his fingers as you are sitting at his desk having a conversation with a designer.

of Iron & Oak is a fresh, humble, and genuine company making some of the most remarkable  and stylish custom furniture in the industry right now. Their work is earnest, and it shows in the quality of their products. of Iron & Oak can help the tailored man begin creating his tailored home, and as you will see it all revolves around the couch.

See some of Iron & Oak products in action below.

Jade Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon Hughes Arm Chair

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