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Vegan Leather Alternatives for Custom Made Furniture

Animal-hide leather has been the staple of the furniture industry for centuries, boasting strength, resilience, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. Now these benefits have been made available without the use of animal byproducts! Vegan Leather may seem like a bit of a misnomer, but rest assured it is two things: not real leather, and stronger than you think. And before you even ask – no, it is not made with real vegans either.

What is it?

Vegan Leather is a modern synthetic alternative to animal hide leather.

Absent of drawbacks, vegan leather duplicates the surface of real leather. It maintains the iconic subtle grain pattern tactilely and visually exclusive to quality leather products. Made with polyurethane, vegan leather not only exceeds industry standards in wear and tear, but also provides extra cushioning and softness. Vegan leather is also environmentally friendly, available in hundreds of colors, and easily cleaned with dish soap and water.

What Makes it Special?

Superficial benefits aside, vegan leather comes treated to achieve new measures of comfort and resilience. Some advantages exclusive to vegan leather are…

1. Abrasion Resistance

Imitation materials are often weaker than the original they are trying to mimic. However, vegan leather is not your average artificial material. Subject to continuous testing, vegan leather has delivered up to 10 times the industry standard of abrasion resistance without sacrificing natural leather’s signature softness and beauty.

2. Antimicrobial

Worried about sticky-handed kids or flu season? Worry not! Antimicrobial fabrics are engineered with EPA-registered technology intended to stop the growth of bacteria and other microbes. Easily maintained with alcohol-based cleaners and disinfectants, antimicrobial treatments provide perfect protection for settings anywhere from your home to high contaminant-risk settings in healthcare, hospitality, and other high traffic markets.

3. Ink & Stain Resistant

Designed for dynamic living, vegan leather combines repellency and cleanability features into one fabric. Small accidents that come in the form of red wine, pens, mustard, and more, are rendered ineffective against ink and stain technology! The resulting fabric boasts beauty that lasts in the most hazardous of environments, ensuring a long and happily life with your furniture – regardless of oops and spills.

4. Luxury You Can Feel

Though you’ll have to imagine without a sample in front of you, vegan leather is really soft. Crafted with a matte aesthetic and lively textile-like feel, vegan leather fabrics provide a uniquely sensorial experience and unparalleled comfort. The texture lends itself to comfort and softness unmatched within the furniture world that you have to feel to believe.

If you’d like a sample, contact us on Facebook or Instagram!

5. Breathable

Engineered with a premium, proprietary ventilation system of microscopic pores, this innovation in synthetic materials enhances softness and promotes the circulation of air for the highest level of seating comfort. Aesthetics, durability and functionality are combined in one uniquely intelligent fabric. Summer or Winter, your furniture will never be too hot and sticky, or too cold and taut to rest upon comfortably.

6. Outdoor

Developed with the effects of Mother Nature in mind, vegan leather sustains comfort and protection in the face of turbulent and oppressive weather. Resilient and high performing, these fabrics repel water and withstand fading and spotting. Engineered with an EPA-registered defense against mildew, bacteria, and other microbes, vegan leather fabrics provides lasting beauty, no matter the season or forecast.

In the dynamic world in which we live, things move fast; it’s easy to miss something big while riding shotgun on life’s great adventure. Luckily, Lambertville, New Jersey’s of Iron and Oak keeps both eyes peeled on the road ahead, leading with an open mind and a focused heart. We are excited to announce a massive new addition to the of Iron and Oak furniture line: the Vegan Leather option.

If vegan products interest you, also inquire about our Dog-Friendly Furniture Finishes – a non-toxic application that protects your furniture without any risk of harming your beloved companion.

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