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Of Iron & Oak At The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Of Iron & Oak had the unique experience of decking out The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a number of our handbuilt custom furniture pieces. We are incredibly proud to have collaborated with the The Hall in the opening of their new exhibit: The Garage, an interactive rock and roll experience that adds volumes – and volume – to the Museum’s legendary collection.

The Garage consists of five main areas where for the first time, fans can pick up real instruments, learn to play, jam with friends, brand their band with custom merchandise, and check out iconic gear and instruments from the Museum’s collection.

of Iron & Oak Garage at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Fans and musicians alike are encouraged to experience all the elements that go into living the rock and roll dream. With dedicated practice stations designed for newbies and experts alike, a fully stocked jam space for collaborating with friends, or even strangers, custom logo kiosks, acoustic instruments, and museum pieces from Les Paul, Buddy Guy, Black Sabbath, and more on display, The Garage is a location for appreciators and practitioners of rock and roll music throughout all ages.

of Iron & Oak Garage at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Our Lambertville furniture showroom is thrilled to have our pieces used by the Hall. The mix of chesterfield and mid-century sofas create a comfortable and chic space to complement the Hall’s amazing and new creative space. If you find yourself in Cleveland, make an effort to spend a few hours touring the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and definitely check out their newest exhibit, The Garage.

To see more pictures of our work at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, check out our Instagram or Facebook posts.

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