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The Dog-Friendly Furniture Finish

In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s 2018: dogs are in. Like, woof. In this age of DogRates and doggos and good boys and puppers, many are feeling the pressure from the internet or their family to go out and adopt one (or more!!!) lovable companions.

However, one of the most common holdouts for families considering adopting a pup is with the longevity of their furniture. While children on their own are formidable opponents to your sofas and chairs, dogs can be an unstoppable force at times. Muddy paws and shedding coats can wreak havoc on leather, and even hypoallergenic breeds that have hair instead of fur can drool from the mouth and drag wet noses all over your beloved Chesterfield.

If your furniture’s well-being is the only thing keeping you from getting a new best friend, of Iron & Oak has the solution with technical leather finishes.

Technical finished leather comes from a variety of sprays and liquid coats to increase the longevity, finish, and resilience of natural leather. By applying coatings during furniture construction that are designed to be stain proof, waterproof, or offering other benefits, technical coats are perfect for homeowners who are worried about dogs resting and jumping up on their furniture. And before you ask – technical finishes are sealed within the fabric and are non-toxic – ensuring you, your children, and your lovable pups will be as safe as your furniture is clean.

An example of a technical finish offered by of Iron & Oak is Crypton Leather, which advertises an odor, stain, and bacteria resistant coating. With dogs running around outside and stepping and rolling in god knows what, the likes of Crypton Leather are ideal for protecting household furniture. Of Iron & Oak offers Crypton Fabrics and Crpyton Leather for any of our custom furniture builds, ensuring that if desired, you can have clean furniture and a happy dog too.

If you want family-friendly furniture that will last a lifetime of puppy paws, inquire about our technical finished leather soon! And if you’d like to go fully animal-friendly, ask about our new Vegan Leather option as well.

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