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Red Chesterfield Sofa Design Inspiration

Red Chesterfield Sofas

A Red Chesterfield Sofa is a deeply vivacious addition to any living space. As someone who wants to buy a red Chesterfield sofa, it can be hard to find the perfect balance between hue and style. Moreover, it’s a personal choice. Explore these dozen design possibilities, and remember, of Iron & Oak can mix and match any leather, fabric, design, or style to your liking.

Langston Hand-Stained Chesterfield Sofa in Rubino Red Leather
Shown in Hand-Stained Rubino Leather

This Langston High Back Scoop Arm Chesterfield is the embodiment of antique Chesterfield furniture. The luxurious inclined scoop arms smoothly curve into a raised back. Doubtlessly, this sofa offers centuries worth of comfort, charm, and support.

Fitzgerald Delmar Red Leather Chesterfield Sofa
Shown in Delmar Red Leather

This Fitzgerald packs all the classic Chesterfield style with a few modern updates. The elegantly taller sloped back stands tall against any wall. The noticeably softer sit boosts comfort, and the muted red oozes a relaxed luxury.

Big Benjamin: Persimmon Red Leather Wingback Chesterfield Sofa
Shown in Persimmon Red Leather.

The Benjamin tufted wingback is the opposite of subtle. The wide wing-backed façade boasts hand-crafted diamond tufting. It’s robust roll arms pack a punch, and demand you rest your arms upon them. The Benjamin is a serious sight to behold. Surely the focal point of attention in any atmosphere.

Langston Chesterfield in Red Leather
Shown in Wilde Rubino Red Velvet.

The Langston captures the modest side of antique Chesterfields. The Langston’s inclined scoop arms and tall raised back has a softer appearance. It invites you to curl up within it’s comforting arms. It’s probably best to pull out a blanket, read a good book, and stay a while.

Elizabeth Chesterfield Sofa in Red Leather
Shown in Angelina 4500 Red leather.

With regal wraparound arms, the Elizabeth can entice anyone to stay for a drink. Her curves tend to draw attention, and invite pleasant conversation. Although she’s better known for her sophisticated wit & timeless style. The Elizabeth brings stately nobility and unwavering charm to any room.

Hepburn Chesterfield Sofa in Ruby Leather
Shown in Cortina 4060 Leather.

Wrapped in a deep red, this Hepburn features a wide rail & tufted seat. Overflowing with class and beauty, this is a whimsically romantic luxury Chesterfield. The Hepburn can be fashionably customized to a variety of lengths, accepting all design options with its taller sloped back.

Wright Tufted Seat Cherry Red Leather Chesterfield
Shown in a Deep Cherry Red Leather.

The Wright puts a new spin on the classic Chesterfield we all know and love. With a taller sloped back and soft seat, the Wright can be customized to a variety of lengths and depths, allowing you to create the perfect chair, loveseat, sofa, or sectional to fit your home.

The Truman, a Button Tufted Curved Chesterfield in Red Leather
Shown in a Blood Red Leather.

Our Truman takes the popular tufting available on our entire line of Chesterfield sofas one step further. We extend the tufting to the slightly curved seat. The sloped back and arms creates unity upon the seat. Furthermore, it provides all around comfort with a sleek style.

Irving Classic Chesterfield Sofa in Red Leather
Shown in a Glowing Red Leather.

The Irving is revered for its enduring appeal. It serves stately looks, inspired by old-school men’s clubs of centuries past. Deep-railed with glowing brass nails, this sofa breathes prosperity.

Our lively red Chesterfield sofas are some of our favorite design pieces to show off with. For questions about sofa leather, velvet sofas, or any of our custom furniture designs and offers, feel free to contact us here, or on Facebook and Instagram.

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