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Yellow Chesterfield Sofa Inspiration

A yellow chesterfield sofa is a defining construct. As someone who desires a yellow chesterfield sofa, consider the possibilities. Yellow can be a broad flavor. From a mustard yellow chesterfield sofa to a glittering gold chesterfield sofa, each commands its own space in very different ways. Below we have a small portion among our broad range of options for yellow chesterfield sofas. Dive in deep, and rule nothing out.

Yellow Leather Chesterfields

Wide wraparound arms and elegant curves make the Elizabeth one of the more visually stunning Chesterfields in our collection. It bleeds significance, and the glistening yellow leather demands attention. Delicately done diamond-tufting ensures a gorgeous and comfortable back. Worth its weight in gold, the Elizabeth adds a regal touch to any room.

Elizabeth Mont Blanc Citrine
Shown in Mont Blanc Citrine
Shown in Gold-Leaf Leather

The pinnacle of the modern Chesterfield, the Fitzgerald, in all its wide-bodied glamour. A tall seat ensures steadfast support to accompany a soft sit. Bodacious roll-top arms provide ample arm space.

fitzgerald mont blanc daffodil 2
Shown in Mont Blanc Daffodil
fitzgerald gold
Shown in Gold Leather

A testament to charm and class, the Hepburn paints an image of overwhelming luxury. Crafted with a romantically sloped tall seat, and supple sit. Excited diamond-tufting decorates the tall back, adding pockets of rest and comfort to every surface inch of the sofa.

hepburn barbarossa bolero gold #3
Shown in Barbarossa Bolero Gold #3
Hepburn moore & giles holland gold
Shown in Moore & Giles Holland Gold

An heirloom quality centerpiece, the Twain boasts unyielding popularity among our clients. The delicately wide diamond-tufting pattern emulates a comforting hug. Fan-pleated arm  detail wraps around and seduces time and time again.

Shown in Mont Blanc Citrine

The Wright puts a modest twist on modern Chesterfield style, with the addition of a gorgeous and comfortable tufted seat.

Shown in Banana Yellow Leather

Shown in Banana Yellow Leather

To see more of our bold yellows, consider viewing our Leathers page. Additionally, you can visit our Yellow Chesterfield inspiration board on Pinterest! As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, and give us a like on Facebook and Instagram.

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