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8 Great tips for Leather Furniture Care

Word on the street is, leather is getting a bad reputation for being high maintenance, easy to scratch, and just all around difficult to deal with. Fortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While a leather sofa may need a little more love than your average couch, the years of love you get back are well worth the bit of extra care. Even though leather is a little more high maintenance than other materials, it’s still relatively simple to care for, and, dare I say simpler to clean? While…

Mad About Mid Century Modern

Today, mid century and modern are two buzzwords used by online retailers to describe pretty much every kind of furniture you could imagine. This misnomer has blurred the lines around an influential style whose comeback has completely revolutionized the way we buy furniture, making it difficult for the average Joe to fully understand the impact of the unique style.  What's all the hype about? Mid century modern is a style broadly defined as the architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the middle of the 20th century. Though this timeframe spans…

Lighting Your Way To Interior Design

Open the curtains, get the dust out of your room, let it breath. Change out the fluorescent tubes in your lamp and prepare to experiment with blinding light. Don't bother bringing your girlfriend home to a dank cave, nobody sleeps with the cave troll. You may ask yourself, "Why the hell is the lighting of my pad important? I've got the furniture, I've got the art" blah blah blah. It doesn't mean a damn thing if it's presented poorly. It could end up being the equivalent of having a Kate…

of Iron & Oak’s House of the Week: A Sleeper Hit

We seek the bold, the stylish, and edge walking designs that scream out for attention. That's why we'll be starting a weekly column showcasing homes along with their interiors that pique our interest and share them with our viewers. Short documentary about the construction of the "Sculptured House" designed by Charles Deaton When you first lay eyes on this bold design it immediately takes your breath away. Architect Charles Deaton proclaimed that when he was designing this modern spectacle that he "...found a high point of land where [he] could…

Music Inspired Furniture By Bughouse Art + Design

Music Inspired Furniture By Bughouse Art + Design

Here at of Iron & Oak, we’re constantly on the lookout for interesting conversational pieces that will work well in a man’s home. We love handcrafted, American-made goods with spunk. You know, the kinds of goods you’ll want to brag about but won’t have to because they do all the bragging for you. Well, in our most recent search, we’ve come across a pretty badass selection of music inspired furniture from Bughouse Art + Design.

From tables made to look like impressive record and cassette collections to tables reminiscent of a DJ’s turntable setup, these musical furniture pieces have the potential to add just the right touch to any music enthusiast’s home. Plus, they’re all made right here in the U.S., making them just that much cooler.

The undeniable truth is that music is a language that will never die out. It will continue to mature and grow with you as you grow older, ultimately giving you a sense of character. As Plato once said, “Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.” Therefore, why not surround yourself with it? 


Lounge About In Bourbon Barrel Furniture

We know what our hardworking readers want to do at the end of a long workday. They want to pour themselves a glass of whiskey, possibly light up a nice cigar and lounge about in the privacy of their own homes with their feet up, reflecting on the day and its happenings. Because you know…work, right?

LOUNGE ABOUT IN BOURBON BARREL FURNITUREThat’s why when a fellow reader sent us these chairs after reading our article on DIY pallet furniture the other day, we had a hard time containing our excitement. For, you see, if you’re going to relax and drink whiskey, you may as well sit in it too. Ahem…what I’m trying to say is, you now have the opportunity to lounge about in bourbon barrel furniture. Classy. Man-made. Badass. Furniture.

Made to order in San Diego, Calif. out of upcycled bourbon and wine barrels, Barrelly Made It is the first line of products from Gustaf Rooth’s Planet Rooth Design Haus. Their first line of chairs was first produced in 2008, and soon enough, tables, ottomans, benches and barstools were added to the collection. 

Build Your Own Furniture Out of Recycled Pallets

Anybody can buy a bed, but how many people do you know who have actually built their own? Building something substantial with your own hands can show character, determination, creativity and the raw, rugged knowledge of constructing something one-of-a-kind. Plus, what woman wouldn’t love to continually visit your home full of great furniture that you’ve built yourself?

Fortunately, there’s a new creative trend popping up in homes all over the world that doesn’t require you to become a master carpenter, and we love it. For those of you who haven’t been exposed to it yet, of Iron & Oak would like to introduce you all to pallet furniture. 

CoCoCo Home Bench Giveaway

CoCoCo Home, The Comfortable Couch Company, is our very favorite American furniture company. And they’ve launched a giveaway! The North Carolina custom furniture crafters are giving away one of their fine leather Chesterfield benches once their Facebook page reaches 3,000 likes. Be sure to visit their Facebook, and like their page for a chance to win! Spread the word and you may win one quicker! 

The Perfect Sofa From CoCoCo Home

CoCoCo Home is a bespoke furniture boutique based out of North Carolina making some of the best sofas, ottomans, and chairs at any price point on the market right now. CoCoCo also known as The Comfortable Couch Company is a little shop in the High Point region of North Carolina, the area is often considered the belt buckle on the "Furniture Belt" of America. Pictured above is a CoCoCo chesterfield, read more to learn about CoCoCo and how to get your hands on one of their products. SHOP OUR FURNITURE…

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