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How To Order Furniture Online The Right Way

What to Know Before You Order Furniture Online

Figuring out how to order furniture online can be a daunting task, especially when there are dozens of seemingly identical online marketplaces all offering the same thing. And there’s always an endless supply of questions to be had. Among all this noise, how does one know what to look for, and who can you trust? And if you don’t know what to look for or who to trust, what should you ask? To find the perfect fit for your furnishing wants and needs, we invite you to discover what you should know before you order furniture online.

How They Made It

Inquiring about the construction of a brand’s furniture is imperative to making a confident and informed purchase. The materials used in any sofa, chair, loveseat, or sectional will always influence the overall build and comfort quality. That is why it is in the consumer’s best interest to ask some questions that should be simple for any reputable furniture brand to answer, like:

What type of frame? The only acceptable answer here is a kiln-dried hardwood frame. A kiln-dried hardwood frame ensures that your furniture will resist warping and shrinkage due to humidity and temperature fluctuations, as well as being sturdy and strong.

What type of suspension? When asking about couch suspension, the factors that go into the spring resilience and cushion support, the gold standard and response you are looking for is “Eight-Way Hand Tied Suspension”. Eight-Way Hand Tied Suspension is labor-intensive and costly, and also worth every penny to guarantee years of unwavering support. All other suspension systems will fall short, and the difference is huge.

What quality leather? Bonded leather, split grain, and top grain leather all sacrifice durability and 50% of materials along with it when they break down or cut the leather to cover more ground. If you hear anything other than FULL GRAIN LEATHER, hang up the phone.

How skilled are the Craftspeople? Let’s say you’re looking to build a bridge. You’ve already asked about the materials, and you know where everything is coming from and going to. But before you build anything you have to hire a builder. If your two options were between an amateur who has never built a bridge before and a contractor with over 15 years of experience in bridge building, who would you hire for the job? Always go with the more experienced craftspeople.

Where They Made It

When you order furniture online, knowing where your product is being made – and therefore, where it will be shipping from – is always important information you order furniture online, and furniture is no exception. In fact, location and shipping information should be the second question you ask after learning about the building and materials.

Where is the factory located? Factory location can clue you in on several things – prices and materials used, speed and efficiency, where it ships from, and the costs to be incurred from shipping. For example, of Iron and Oak’s factory is located in North Carolina, ensuring all our furniture is American Made and allowing for reasonably fast delivery across the East Coast.

Does it ship straight from the factory? Is your furniture coming straight to you after it is built, or will it change hands half a dozen times before it gets to you? The more hands it moves through along the way, the greater the risk someone will make a mistake or damage the piece. Worst-case scenario: they pass the blame onto you. While one or two stops along the way is normal, anything beyond that assumes greater risk for your purchase.

What sort of shipping/delivery service? The last thing you want is to come home after a long day of work to find your new sofa, sitting on the curb, waiting for you to figure out how you’re going to move it up two flights of stairs and into your apartment all by yourself. Keep your ears perked for a White Glove Delivery Service. It’s what of Iron and Oak uses on all our deliveries. It ensures practiced movers will harmlessly guide your furniture when and where you need it.

How Will I Know if it is Comfortable

Any furniture brand worth their price tag will tell you that comfort is subjective. Therefore, if you ask them ‘How will I know if it is comfortable?’, they should ask you to guide them; Talk about what will make it comfortable for you. What are your preferences in texture, depth, softness, etc. Do you prefer a firmer seat, or do you want to sink into your sofa like a marble in fur? Remember that you are the buyer; you set the ground rules here. If they can’t play ball, know there’s someone out there who will.

Final Considerations for Ordering Furniture Online

Shopping online is like the wild west. Between your computer screen and the services offered by a furniture brand, anything goes and anything can happen. If a brand advertises five star ratings on the homepage but overall pulls in two or three stars on average, that supplier may not be the best choice. The inverse is true, too. Brands with overall good ratings may have a few outliers; however, if the overall score is positive, perhaps the few harmful ratings may not be entirely deserved. Finding good online reviews is only the first step. Have faith in the majority – but not blind faith. Ask questions, research answers, and if you do things right, you might just end up with a brand new piece of furniture you will never regret.

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