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Why Choose Leather Furniture?

When it comes to personal possessions we strive to keep them in a like-new condition for as long as possible. This is normal for cars, computers, fabrics, jewelry, homes, pools, etc. – but not when it comes to leather furniture.

Leather furniture can be an extremely valuable investment. As leather ages it will begin to display new qualities, some of which include greater softness, strength, smell, and visual appeal. Our wide array of sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and chairs are crafted with the highest quality leather. While leather care isn’t to be ignored, here are a few good reasons why you should truly embrace your aging leather.


Leather furniture is highly resistant to fading over time, as any dyes used in the leather-making process are deeply absorbed into the material. This also means scuffs and marks will retain both their color and strength.


Due to unique natural fibers and qualities, leather furniture gets softer and more supple as it ages. Instead of looking worn out, it tends to look even more inviting. Additionally, unlike most synthetic imitations, natural leather breathes. It releases heat quickly, so regardless of the weather it is comfortable for sitting. It also absorbs and expels moisture, removing any sticky sensations materials like vinyl or plastic imitations are notorious for. There is nothing like sinking into a Chesterfield sectional that you’ve rested in every day for the past 20 years and have it still feel like a new cushion.


The smell of aging leather is a near indescribable quality. Many liken it to a warm, dry and sawdusty cedar and cinnamon aroma, reminiscent of a simpler time. Like a campfire, it’s the kind of scent that makes your lungs feel fuller and the surrounding air sharp and crisp. Sit back in a sturdy recliner, pinch the leather atop the roll arms, and enjoy the grandeur of your leather furniture.


Compared to many other materials, leather offers a superior level of strength. It can be pulled, tugged, and stretched without suffering any real damage. However, as leather ages it will become slightly stronger. Sofas from our mid-century collection live up to their name and will achieve a new standard in toughness. The greater the leather stretches and pulls the more resilient it becomes. Aged leather can handle a great deal of stress before ripping, and will outlast newer pieces.


The hallmark of a high quality, real leather product. The patina, a soft sheen that develops on the surface of leather, is a remarkable symbol of the natural aging process of leather. Any of our customizable American made furniture can slowly develop a rich patina. A naturally developed patina takes time, but the reward is surely worth the wait. Connoisseurs of leather cherish the weathered look and the seamless fading between a dark cherry and a glowing honey glaze.

If you’re left wanting to know more, we are always here for any questions regarding your natural leather. Or, feel free to check out our Facebook or Instagram pages!

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