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The Seven Best Ways to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

We’re not here to mince words. Garlic, maybe. However if you are looking for the best way to cook your Thanksgiving turkey, then you have come to the right place. The honest truth is however you like it. We’ve spent a great deal of time hardening our philosophy when it comes to building sofas, and we’d like to apply that philosophy to your Thanksgiving turkey. Our goal is to make a one-of-a-kind sofa for anyone who needs one. Your goal is to cook a turkey this Thanksgiving that manages to put everyone and the kids to bed by 8 pm. Don’t you see we both want the same thing? Going forward with that attitude, we’ve hand-crafted a shortlist of the 7 best ways to cook your Thanksgiving turkey, and the sofa you should nap on afterwards.


The classic way to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey is roasted in the oven. Tried and true, it makes for a beautiful presentation with the right accoutrements. Prepared correctly by an attentive cook, and it can yield tender, succulent meat. And if anyone tells you oven-roasted turkey is boring, simply remind them about the true story of Thanksgiving. Some simple yet trustworthy recipes we’d recommend come from AllRecipes and Tastes Better From Scratch.

A roast turkey is undeniably the most traditional brand of bird butchery. For of Iron & Oak, our most traditional sofa would be The Fitzgerald. When you want every bell and whistle done right, it has to be the most classic chesterfield. Its taller, sloped back and delicately pressed tufts will undeniably make you simmer post-dinner. Traditional and the classic way – it never disappoints.

Roasted Thanksgiving TurkeyFitzgerald Roasted Brown Leather Chesterfield Tufted Sofa


If succulence is your providence, then you have no choice but to brine your Thanksgiving turkey. Placing your turkey in a brine invites tastebud-tingling juices and seasonings into the turkey meat, making each bite exceptionally flavorful and tender. Certainly out of the ordinary, the trend has grown in popularity over the years. A reliable recipe for brining Thanksgiving turkey can be found at The Spruce Eats.

If your meal is out of the ordinary, your nap should reflect that sentiment. The Lewis is definitely our most out of the ordinary sofa. It may look similar to our other Chesterfields, but with everlasting decadence, unique, ostentatious arms, and a boastful attitude, we have nothing else quite like it in our furniture library. Looking to rest scrumptiously following your brine turkey? The Lewis has cleared you for landing.

Brined Thanksgiving TurkeyLewis Ivory White Leather Square Arm Tufted Chesterfield Love Seat


The crockpot is a great way to take it slow while you cook turkey breast. You can add stuffing or vegetables to the slow cooker for another course, which makes everything easier on you. While we like to cook boneless, skinless turkey breasts in the crockpot, you can cook any turkey part as long as you test the final temperature with a meat thermometer. For a step-by-step whole turkey in slow cooker recipe, The Little Kitchen has exactly what you need.

To mimic the incomparable tenderness of slow-cooked turkey, you need to rest on the incomparable Hendrix. The Hendrix is a filling, heavy sofa, much like the thick gravies that accompany a slow-cooked turkey. Exceptionally low profile yet comfortable, once you try it, you’ll never want to leave. Sink in, and appreciate life…a little slower.

Crockpot Thanksgiving TurkeyHendrix Track Arm Grey Brown Leather Modern Sofa


Smoking is another slower and rather unconventional Thanksgiving cooking process for turkey, but it yields tasty results. If the last time you smoked something was in college, Thanksgiving probably isn’t the time to start experimenting. For experienced pitmasters, however, smoking the bird might be the best thing you do all year. For a full smoked turkey recipe, check out Hey Grill, Hey.

If you are the type to smoke a Thanksgiving turkey, then you will appreciate the Armstrong as your designated nap zone. Reminiscent of the early 20th century, the smoothness and signature crispness of the Armstrong is not unlike the warm smokiness of a smoked turkey. Smoke your turkey, and you won’t have to guess when the trypt hits the phan.

Smoked Thanksgiving TurkeyBrown Leather Armstrong Club Arm Sofa


Looking to mix things up this Thanksgiving? Deep frying results in a turkey with super crisp skin, moist meat, and an intoxicating, fabulous flavor. Like its predecessor the smoked turkey, save this for the deep-frying aficionados this Thanksgiving. But if you decide to deep fry a turkey, be very careful. Only attempt this outside, away from buildings or flammable material, and keep several fire extinguishers on hand! And never – EVER – put a frozen turkey in the deep fryer. For the best deep-fry turkey recipe this year, check out Oh So Delicioso and their extremely in-depth frying guide.

The Dylan is the only proper follow-up to a deep fried Thanksgiving turkey. With crisp edges, intoxicating tufting options, and an ultra comfortable bench cushion, or mix it up with several cushions, or build in a fixed tight seat for an ultra clean look, the Dylan will succeed in comforting your slumber and encumbered stomach. When it comes to comfort, Thanksgiving dinner was simply battering you up to fry in the Dylan afterwards.

Deep Fried Thanksgiving TurkeyThe Dylan Dark Teal Square Tufted Leather Tuxedo Style Midcentury Sofa With Metal Legs


Cooking a turkey rotisserie-style on the grill is a wonderful way to free up your kitchen for other cookings, and to give the bird fabulous flavor. Heads will spin when your guests see the well-rounded char on your bird. A bit unorthodox, but follow Foodie Crush’s recipe for a rotisserie herb turkey, and we’re confident you won’t hear any complaints from the carnivores in your family.

For similar results with a potential nap spot, no one has ever complained about sleeping on the Roosevelt. Distinguished by appearance and presence, it makes for a luxurious sink-in feel without sacrificing a bit of pomp & circumstance. This level of comfort is oddly reminiscent of crunching through crispy turkey skin into the tender meat within.

Rotisserie Thanksgiving TurkeyBrick Red Leather Roll Arm Roosevelt Lawson Style Sofa


Start a new tradition this Thanksgiving – or if you’re vegan, continue an old one – with a seasonal tofurkey roast. Nowadays available for purchase at most supermarkets or with online order, they arrive ready for cooking, basting, carving and sharing with the whole family. Grateful comes through with a tofurkey and mushroom stuffing recipe all prepared.

What’s the best leather sofa to nap on after a vegan Thanksgiving? Quite obviously a vegan leather sofa! As with tofurkey, a vegan leather sofa comes with a few under-appreciated bonuses, apart from the environmental benefits. Both are easier to clean up, and arguably as good if not better than the real thing – it just depends on who you ask.

Thanksgiving TofurkyBlue Leather Channel Tufted Midcentury Lambert Sectional Sofa

Live dangerously and eat decadently, and if you decide you need a rest somewhere in-between, take a seat by us. For more Thanksgiving and design-inspired sofas, be sure to follow our boards on Pinterest. For information on our amazing range of custom furniture options, message us on Facebook, or contact us here! We don’t bite! Keep a detailed eye out for our frequent Instagram posts from our Lambertville showroom and North Carolina Factory. This Thanksgiving, we at of Iron & Oak hope you have a fantastic holiday with family and friends.

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